What do project architects really do? Just some design work, right? Not so much. They typically are responsible for everything from balancing client needs, to coordinating with engineers and designers, to developing construction documents and specifications. All while they design the building.

Draper has several resources to make the project architect’s job as easy as possible and increase efficiency to make room for more billable hours. Here are a few examples:

BIM Objects/CAD
We make it easy to include our products in your building design. In addition to 2-D CAD files, we also have BIM objects for most of our products. Our BIM objects were developed by AutoDesk partners, and put through quality and accuracy checks before being made available. BIM objects are available on Draper online product pages and at BIMobject.com.

Custom Design Support
Sometimes there isn’t a pre-fab solution for things like digital signage or exterior solar shading. Draper’s solar control solutions and custom AV solutions teams will work with you from project conception to develop a custom design that will integrate into your overall vision.

Spec Tools
You will find Draper specifications included in services like BSD SpecLink and AVITRU (formerly ARCOM). We also offer tools to build a custom spec for your project. You will find SpecWizards for projection screens and window shades at ARCAT. For gymnasium equipment, our EZ-Spec specification builder is available in the Draper Toolbox on our Guest Portal. It’s free, and no registration is required.

Easy-to-Find Technical Documents
It’s handy to have access to drawings, BIM objects, specifications, and other technical documentation, but who has the extra time to go searching for them? Draper has made this easy, too. There are two simple ways to access technical documents, depending on your preference.

On every product page on our website, there is a “technical documents” tab. You’ll find a link to every downloadable technical document available for that product, including everything mentioned above plus installation instructions and submittals.

We also have a technical documents tool. Go here and find the product you need. A list of all available downloadable documents for that product will appear.

Photos and Case Studies
Sometimes it’s helpful to see a product in context and in action. Draper offers a variety of case studies on our website. On each product page there are photos, and our architectural sales managers have access to portfolios with large photos and project information. Click here to locate the architectural sales manager for your area to schedule an appointment.

AIA Classes
We are dedicated to supporting your efforts even before you get the project. We provide six AIA educational courses on all three of our product lines and an online daylighting academy. All classes provide AIA Learning Units. To schedule an in-person class, click here.

Whatever it takes to make a project architect’s job easier, Draper is there to help. If there’s something important you don’t’ see on this list, contact your Draper architectural sales manager and let us know!

This is the first in a 3-part series looking at how Draper supports various functions in the architectural building market. In future posts we’ll talk about how Draper supports interior and designers and specification writers.

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