To help your customers create the spaces they desire, you need to be armed with tools that make your job easier. That’s why we create an updated price list every year. This annual AV price list is one of a Draper dealer’s most-used tools.

The updated 2018 price is available now, with new pricing taking effect April 23.

Here are a few new things you can expect from the 2018 version:

TecVision Surfaces                                                                                   
The TecVision line of premium projection surfaces has continued to grow in popularity. We wanted to make it even easier to find pricing for these surfaces, so this year you’ll find them in the AV price list, instead of a separate TecVision price list. Be sure to be note there are new part numbers for these surfaces, as well.

TecVision CS1000X ALR
Speaking of TecVision, Draper’s most recent ambient light rejecting TecVision surface rejects 82 percent of ambient light. CS1000X ALR is a grey surface with excellent ambient light rejection properties. Ideal for environments with high ambient lighting and controlled viewing angles, CS1000X ALR has superior contrast with excellent black retention. CS1000X ALR is 8K-ready and users won’t notice the blue tints that can be present in images on many other ambient light rejecting screens.

ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V
The best place for your main speaker is behind the screen. This acoustically transparent screen provides a beautiful image without compromising audio quality when speakers are placed behind the screen. The projected image is gorgeous, with a 1.0 gain, full 180° viewing cone, and accurate color reproduction.

Built for large venues, especially those with tall ceilings where the screen has to be mounted high above the floor, Ropewalker lowers an electric screen housing from the ceiling using durable cables. An electric projection screen descends from the housing to create a solution without black drop between the screen and the ceiling. Ropewalker can lower the screen housing up to 34 feet, making it ideal for most large venues, houses of worship, or gymnasiums. Available with tensioned and free-hanging viewing surfaces up to 18 feet wide, including award-winning, optically-seamless 8k-ready TecVision.

The Acrobat raises and lowers a wide range of products commonly used in large hotel ballrooms, convention centers, and on stages in gymnasiums, churches, and other venues. It can be ordered as a complete assembly or in select sub-assemblies to address unique jobsite requirements. Acrobat can lower projection screens up to 34 feet, eliminating the need for an extensive amount of black drop. The 1,000-pound lifting capacity allows Acrobat to easily handle other AV products, lights, backdrops, and more.

The 2018 AV price list takes effect April 23, but it is available for download today via the Draper Pro Portal. Click here to login or register. Registration is free, but you’ll need a Draper dealer number to access the price list. A copy of the retail version of our price list can be downloaded from our Guest Portal. No dealer number is required for the Guest Portal, although you must register.

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