Nothing inspires the imagination of a potential customer like beautiful pictures of real-world solutions. That’s why our new Solar Control Shading Catalog is chock full of project photos.

Besides great new images, here are a few things you’ll find in the new catalog:

Streamlined Navigation
You don’t want to waste time thumbing through a catalog while a client stands there waiting. We’ve made it easy to find what you’re looking for by focusing on aesthetics and clustering similar products together. This creates less clutter and allows for more solution-based reference.

Features and Benefits
The prevalence of online browsing means people don’t want to wade through as much detailed product copy. We’ve trimmed product descriptions to focus on features and benefits, leaving the deeper technical details to purpose-built documents and web pages.

Project Examples

  • Wilshire Grand Center, Los Angeles: Draper created a one-of-a-kind system of motorized blinds with 12-inch louvers extending 30 feet high for the upper and lower sky lobby of the InterContinental Hotel. The system is designed to control heat buildup and reduce glare, while providing a unique aesthetic.
  • Parliament of Canada: With the help of Draper engineers, members of the House of Commons will soon meet and debate in comfort on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. A huge centrally-controlled louver system will provide solar control over a large expanse of glazing in the newly enclosed courtyard of the historic West Block building.
  • Marina Heights, Phoenix, Arizona: The design allows the entire building’s façade to flex with changes in the outdoor temperature. It was impossible to attach window shade brackets to the vertical mullions. For this project, Draper developed a custom mounting solution that attached shades to the horizontal mullions between windows.

New Products

  • FlexShade® NEXD: The next generation of the heavy duty XD clutch is here and it’s available with cassette-style installation! The FlexShade® NEXD has a 3” profile and can also be wall- or ceiling-mounted using the adjustable brackets, which include jamb mounting holes and a height-adjustable idler bracket.
  • Flexshade® XL: At up to 25′ wide, this is our largest cassette-style FlexShade®. We repurposed our ZIP 127 (5″ x 5″) headbox and integrated a cradle support system that allows for greater width with minimum deflection.
  • Flexshade® ZIP XL: Our largest ZIP FlexShade® is available up to 25′ wide. The ZIP XL features an integrated cradle support system to minimize deflection, despite the sleek 5″ x 5″ headbox. The ZIP XL’s wind resistance is not compromised by the larger sizes. The fabric panel’s welded zip edges run inside inner channels in the side guide extrusions.
  • Obstacle Detection Motors: Never again worry about sticks or other debris causing an exterior shade to stop short of closed, while the motor continues to run. All ZIP shades now come equipped as standard with obstruction detection motors. As soon as the hem bar touches an obstacle, the motor stops.

If you’re a Draper window shades dealer, you’ll find a copy in your mailbox soon. You can also order more hard copies or download a PDF of the catalog by clicking here.

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