Splashy new product announcements always seem to get the most attention. But often the most important innovations and improvements are smaller upgrades and advances that are easily overlooked.

We’ve recently made several changes in and additions to our window shade line that are small parts of the product, but represent big improvements.

Quiet Idlers
In recent years shade motors have made great advancements with the introduction of quiet and ultra-quiet motors. To match these advances Draper has developed a line of barbell-style quiet idlers with a double ball bearing design. The quiet idler will be standard on our Motorized FlexShades® line of shades. The new idlers will be compatible with Draper’s existing line of hardware, so the switch will be virtually unnoticed.

Obstacle Detection Motors
Never again worry about sticks or other debris causing an exterior shade to stop short of closed, while the motor continues to run. All FlexShade ZIP™ shades now come equipped as standard with obstacle detection motors. As soon as the hem bar touches an obstacle, the motor stops.

Color-Matching Clutch Brackets
Black and white universal brackets are now provided standard with Draper clutch-operated shades. Draper will match the brackets to the clutch color on the order. This gives a more attractive look than the silver brackets we have provided in the past.

Idler Pin Paths
With the recent introduction of the NEXD heavy-duty clutch, we took the opportunity to make it easier to mount the shade roller and fabric assembly. There’s no more struggling to get the idler pin into the bracket with the NEXD design. It provides multiple paths for the pin to follow on its way to sliding into position.

Exact Measurement Fascia
Draper has typically shipped fascia in standard lengths, leaving the installer to cut it to size on the job site. We will now ship fascia cut to custom lengths. This small innovation in our manufacturing process will save our dealers money and time by speeding up the installation process.

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