For years, white projection screens were the solution offered in just about every space, even where high amounts of ambient light would “wash out” the image. But, the science of ambient light rejection has transformed projection screen performance. Still, many remain unaware of just how drastic a difference having an ambient light-rejection projection surface can make.

The best way to reach those people is with an in-person demonstration, as Brian Kunz, LEED®AP, CTS, recently discovered. Brian is Draper’s regional sales manager for the Midwestern United States, and he agreed to share his experience with the power of a proper ambient light rejection demonstration.

I recently traveled to Lincolnshire, Illinois, to represent Draper at a stop on Stampede’s “The Big Book of AV Global Tour 2018.” Stampede is a strong distributor of Draper products and this event allowed Draper the unique opportunity to support Stampede and meet with many of their customers under one roof.

Draper was among 40 product exhibitors, and the majority of attendees were AV resellers and integrators from the Chicagoland area, along with end users from both the enterprise and higher education markets.

My main effort was to educate about ambient light rejection technology—how it works and how big a difference it makes in image quality in lighted projection environments.

To demonstrate the superiority of ALR surfaces, I set up a screen with two different surfaces seamed together. On the left was a basic white screen. On the right was TecVision MS1000X ALR. I used a 3000 lumen projector and the demo screen was in full sunlight.

People were very surprised and impressed to see how well the TecVision ALR surface performed versus the white surface, especially considering our booth was located in front of a large bank of windows. Many had heard of ALR surfaces, but had never seen them in action. The comparative demonstration really got them thinking about how they could use ALR surfaces in their future projects.

There is one more tour stop in the U.S., April 24 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

If you’re a Draper dealer, contact your sales representative about obtaining a demo unit to show your customers the advantages of ambient light rejection.

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