Wall pads are an important part of gymnasium safety. But what happens when there’s something in the way?

We’ve all seen situations in gyms where there is a fire extinguisher cabinet, drinking fountain, AED cabinet, or other large obstacle located right in the middle of where wall padding is supposed to be mounted. Until now, the only way to address these situations was to cut pads and glue vinyl in place to try and make it look as good as possible. Some wall pad installers simply cut around the obstacle and fold vinyl back and staple it to the backer board, leaving raw foam exposed at the corners. If an installer knows what they’re doing they can make the initial installation look good by gluing vinyl into the corners. Unfortunately, a few months of children picking at the glued edges exposes the foam and leaves loose hanging vinyl.

For many years we’ve offered small wall pad cut-outs to solve this problem for small items, such as single or double switches. Draper’s new large wall pad cut-out modules make all these problems go away with bigger obstructions as well. Our patented design allows the installer to dress up cut-outs and eliminate exposed foam, glued edges, and loose hanging vinyl. Draper offers molded inside corners, outside corners, and straight sections that can be field-cut and combined to make a cut-out of just about any size or shape required. Sections are joined together with special splices that insert into a formed track molded into each module. This approach offers nearly unlimited combinations to address just about anything that needs worked around when installing wall pads.

Modules are injection-molded from flame-resistant urethane materials and are sized for use with any wood-backed wall pads with 2” foam. Modules come in two colors, black and grey, to fit well with any wall pad, regardless of the color. Splices are made from machined ABS plastic and come in lots of eight pieces to accommodate a typical rectangular cut-out.

With Draper’s Large Wall Pad Cut-Out Kits, you no longer have to make do with substandard cut-outs around large items. For more information, click here, or contact Draper or your local Draper gymnasium equipment dealer.

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