Window shades have been the preferred daylighting control system of choice for several reasons. Shades allow natural light to enter the room while controlling unwanted, uncomfortable glare. They can provide a view to the outside world – even when the shades are down. Heating and cooling cost savings can be substantial and employee productivity improved with the right daylighting control strategy. And to get the most out of solar control shading, motorization and automation are key.

Below are just a few of the benefits of motorized window shades:

Maximized energy savings.
If shades are operated manually and left up to individual discretion they may be up or down when it is least beneficial, allowing heat and brightness into the room. This leads to increased air conditioner use and creates unwanted, uncomfortable glare on computers, televisions, and other work surfaces.

Motorized shades controlled by automation systems maximize energy savings and glare control. When the sun is burning brightly, and moving across the sky, shades can move automatically to uniform, preset degrees of closure. These intermediate, preset stopping locations provide the owner with control over heat build-up during the day. They can be controlled locally by a wall switch or from a central location, such as the building manager’s office. Shade operation can also be programmed to occur automatically at predetermined times based on the angle of the sun. This type of system controls heat gain while permitting a degree of natural light that doesn’t create glare on desks, computer screens, and other work surfaces.

More shading solutions.
Motorized shades are available in much larger sizes than manual units, and allow you to provide shading solutions in places where it would be impossible to control them through manual operation. Covering large windows with a single shade, rather than multiple smaller shades, is more efficient, more attractive, and provides substantially better control over heat and glare. Openings as large as 28’ wide or 40’ tall can be covered by one motorized shade.

Better durability and easier maintenance
Another factor in motorization’s favor is durability. Even though all shades are durable and easy to maintain, motorized shades will have even greater longevity because they are hands free.

Maximizing efficiency while providing long-lasting practical shading and glare control contributes to a healthy, productive work environment. The up-front investment for motorized shades should include serious consideration of this important factor.

For more information on Draper’s various motorized options, click here.

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