The construction industry continually evolves as improved technologies develop and new ways of thinking emerge. Draper has embraced that evolution with innovative window coverings and new custom solar control solutions. As we increase our range of architectural offerings, we are excited to present several new solutions at the A’18 Architectural Expo.

FlexShade ZIP XL.

Architectural AV
We will be launching a new initiative showcasing products and solutions for a custom architectural audiovisual experience at A’18. These tailored digital architectural element solutions interface buildings, workspaces, and technology. We will demonstrate a stunning direct view LED/operable shade concept co-developed with industry leaders NEC Display Solutions and Warema, our Venetian blinds partner.

Go Big
Very large window openings require extra-wide window shades. However, wider shades also typically mean larger, heavier headbox profiles that are more expensive and can be harder to install. That’s why we’ve developed a wider shade with a smaller, lighter profile: the larger FlexShade ZIP XL. Available up to 25’ wide. The cassette-style shade is delivered as a complete, enclosed unit, and is installed that way. That means there is no assembly required onsite, and no separate installation of headbox or fascia and brackets or endcaps. Despite having a small profile, an integrated cradle support system minimizes deflection that can cause wrinkles to develop in the fabric.

FlexShade NEXD.

FlexShade® NEXD
There are some settings where a standard clutch-operated window shade won’t stand up to rigorous treatment over time, but due to cost issues a manual shade is still preferred. The small profile fits with narrow mullion depths but NEXD is powerful enough for larger glass panels, and with multiple mounting options the NEXD easily installs in a greater variety of applications.

Draper continually seeks to evolve to better serve our partners and customers. Technology trends come and go, and market shifts never end. Through it all, 116 years strong, we are constantly reinventing and realigning to focus on innovative solutions.

To see elegance and innovation in action, stop by A’18 booth 1348. You can click here to learn more and to register for a free show pass.

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