Helping customers create the spaces they desire requires tools that are simple to use, easy to understand, and make your job easier. We spent a good deal of time and thought redesigning one of the main print tools in your AV marketing arsenal—the Draper binder. We’re also introducing a brand-new AV catalog.

Here are some of the changes you’ll notice:

Simplified communication.
The days of huge, shelf-warping binders stuffed with every document possible are over. We all get most of our information online, and prefer simplified print materials that can point us to what we want. Our new AV binders reflect that new normal.

Access to the most updated information.
You’ll no longer find printed price list in binders. Instead there’s a document explaining where the AV price list can be found and how to download or order the type needed.

A few years ago, we stopped including installation instructions in binders. Now we’ve also dropped specification submittals. These are located online with each product page, under the technical documents tab. By making these available only online, we’re making certain you have the most recent version of what you need.

Essential guides and tools
With a more focused approach to product binders, you need to know where else to find what you need. Each binder includes a user guide to Draper AV. For architects this is the Specification Guide for AV Equipment and for dealers this the Audiovisual Dealer Guide. Both include essential descriptions and links about the tools and resources Draper has available for them.

Screen surface information is included in these binders. That means you’ll find samples of the screen surface families OptiView™, OptiFlex™, CineFlex™, and ClearSound™ in an organized booklet for easy and effective presentation or reference. We’ve also added our TecVision® brochure, including detailed descriptions of all of our ISF-certified and 8K-ready TecVision solutions, including ALR and premier white surfaces.

One of our most popular dealer tools are Draper’s AV distance legibility charts. Each AV binder now includes both a 1080 and 4K version. This popular tool provides information on fitting a screen to the audience and room, and is a valuable visual aid when discussing screen size with clients.

New AV equipment catalog.
Our new AV catalog replaces several different publications, and combines inspiration with just the right amount of information to help make the sale. This catalog is a concise, complete overview of Draper’s audiovisual product line.

The new AV catalog and AV binders are available for download via the Draper Request site. Click here to login or register. Registration is free, but you’ll need your Draper dealer number.

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