Including volleyball equipment in your athletic facility is a smart idea. Hosting events can be a moneymaker, and when no volleyball is scheduled, the posts and nets go into storage and floor sleeves are hidden away beneath cover plates. With adjustable-height posts, you can host multiple net sports for different age groups.

Not every facility is the same, so we provide several types of volleyball systems depending on the need.

Overhead Volleyball System
In a hurry? Draper’s OVS Overhead Volleyball System is the ideal solution for facilities that need to rapidly set up for volleyball games. The OVS stores at the ceiling with the net, antennas, boundary markers, and pads attached. Just turn the key switch to lower the entire system from the ceiling, set the stabilization feet, and it’s time to play.

The OVS Volleyball System combines the quality found in Draper’s EZ-Fold basketball backstops with the features found across the Draper line of floor sleeve style volleyball systems. The OVS overhead superstructure attaches to the roof structure with the same high strength tube and clamps that are used on our backstops to ensure a rigid design.

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Elite Volleyball System
Premier volleyball programs typically look for more performance and features in their equipment—especially ease of adjustment and handling.

The Elite Volleyball System incorporates an internal spring assist mechanism for quick and precise infinite height adjustment from 6’1” to 8’4”. It easily locks in place with a pressure-lock hand knob, and the post is clearly marked at normal competition heights.

The EVS is light and easy to handle for high maneuverability, and stores quickly anywhere, including on a wall with hooks or a transporter cart.

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Power Volleyball System
If your facility does a lot of setup and tear-down, you want equipment that will still be around after years of hard use. The heavy-duty PVS floor-sleeve type volleyball system is what you need. It’s high strength 3-1/2″ (89mm) O.D. aluminum posts stand up to punishment. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, requires only one person just a few minutes to set up, and can be hung on wall hooks, secured with vertical storage brackets, stored on a transporter/storage cart, or tucked away in a closet.

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Combined Volleyball System.

Combination Volleyball System
Facilities that host a variety of age groups and net sports require versatility above all else. The Combination Volleyball System is an all-aluminum floor-sleeve type system that adjusts to all competition heights for tennis, badminton, and volleyball. Or, using the infinite height adjustment, set the net for your own game.

Even with the focus on versatility, the heavy-duty fixed-length aluminum standards are built for years of trouble-free service and rough use. The system can be easily stored using wall hooks, vertical storage brackets, or a transporter/storage cart. They can also be leaned in the corner of a closet or storage room.

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Steel Volleyball System
If you’re on a tight budget or prefer the rigidity of a steel post, the SVS is the perfect solution. It’s similar to our PVS system and features telescopic stiff steel posts to allow you to quickly obtain the desired net tension. The steel posts are height adjustable to all competition heights from 6’1″ (185cm) to 8’4″ (254cm) in one-inch increments. Click here for details.

All our sleeve-style systems meet NFHS, USA Volleyball, NCAA, and FIVB requirements for competition equipment and are built to last. Each has its own advantages and benefits depending on the type of facility and competition.

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