Time is money. The less time you spend on administrative details and product research, the more time you have to do the work that actually pays the bills.

Here are five ways Draper helps you save time and make money through online tools:

1) Get freight quotes.
Sometimes you need a freight quote fast, or after hours. The Draper Pro Portal includes the perfect tool to make that happen. The online freight quotes app lets you view and select freight rates to ship part-numbered AV products that are packed as one item per crate. Just type in the shipping destination and the products you want to have shipped, and the app does the rest. You must be a registered Pro Portal user. Click here to visit the portal.

2) Pay invoices and sales orders.
There are a couple of ways you can make online payments to us with your credit card:

  • The easiest way is to go to draperinc.com/pay, where you can pay a single sales order or invoice. Draper does not keep credit card information, so while this is the quickest, most convenient way to submit your payment, the only copy of the receipt will be the one we email to you upon payment processing.
  • You can also pay for multiple orders at once or make partial payments through the Pro Portal. We won’t keep your credit card information, but you can view your invoices and see instant receipts for payment.

To make payments through the Pro Portal, you must be registered for a Pro Portal account and be approved by our accounting department. Once that approval has been processed, you will see a link to pay invoices up to $400,000 per credit card. Click here to go to the Pro Portal.

3) Track an order.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find out where your order is in our system whenever you want? You actually can do that with our order status and tracking tool. To track the status of a sales order or purchase order, enter the order number into the provided blank, click “Sales Order #” or “PO Order #,” and click on the “search” button. Information—including tentative ship date, date shipped, carrier, and status—will display, as will a tracking number if one is available. This tool is also available in the Pro Portal.

4) Check inventory
The product you choose often depends on which one you can get the fastest. We give you two ways to view Draper’s inventory levels online.

  • Click on the “AV inventory levels” link in the Pro Portal. Type your part number into the search box or scroll through the list if you don’t have the part number handy. The list is updated every day by 8:00 a.m.
  • Download a spreadsheet of the list by pasting the following link into your browser (replacing the #### symbols with your Draper account number): .

To use this tool, go to our Pro Portal.

5) Find the solution you need.
Trying to differentiate between solutions and decide which is preferred in your current project can be time consuming.

Draper has developed a number of free online tools to make that process much easier for you.

Here are just a few of the tools available online:

Projection Planner 2.0. Uses the latest InfoComm standards and best practices to help you identify the best projection viewing surfaces for your specific application.

Surface Selector. Narrows our various screen surfaces to the best alternatives based on your input.

Custom Screen Size Calculator. Click on the projection format and enter the height, width, or desired diagonal to calculate your screen size.

Decision Tree. Answer a few simple questions to find the screen for your situation.

Fabric Selection Tool. Use our powerful filters to compare and select the perfect shade fabric.

View-Through Simulation. This online tool shows you how combinations of color and openness factor appear in a window.

Petroleum & Greenhouse Gas Avoidance Calculator. If you’re considering Phifer shade fabric with Ecolibrium—a bio-based, non-petroleum plasticizer, this tool shows you petroleum savings and greenhouse gas avoidance based on square footage of the windows.

Projector Lift Selector. Uses filters to hone in on the best solution for lifting and hiding your projector.

Minimum Video Conferencing Background Width. Enter your camera’s viewing angle, and this app will tell you how wide your Video Conferencing Background needs to be.

To use these and other tools, click here to go to our guest portal. Registration is not required.

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