Suspending a projection screen from a very high ceiling can have its drawbacks. Accomplishing a long drop from a high ceiling typically involves adding additional fabric, called “extra drop,” at the top of the viewing surface. A lot of extra drop above the image can create flatness issues. Plus, having a big piece of black fabric blocking the view above the screen isn’t exactly aesthetically appealing.

Draper’s Ropewalker takes a different approach to solving the problem of high ceilings.

Built specifically for large venues where the screen has to be mounted high above the floor, the Ropewalker lowers the projection viewing surface. Once the surface is fully deployed, the motorized screen housing descends using steel cables to an appropriate height for the audience, creating a solution without black space between the screen and the ceiling.

We first introduced our Ropewalker concept at InfoComm 2017 and asked our customers for feedback on how we could improve the concept. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers regarding the Ropewalker, along with some insights on how to improve the problem-solving design. We took their suggestions and have made a number of minor updates that enhance the design and technology behind the “floating” projection screen.

One of the main updates was the addition of a safety feature to the design. We added steel arrestor cables to stop the inner screen housing from falling if the two main steel lifting cables were to be compromised. Similar products do not have this built-in safety feature.

Ropewalker can lower the screen housing up to 34 feet, making it ideal for most large venues, including houses of worship, ballrooms, gymnasiums, or architecturally appealing rooms. Available with tension and non-tensioned viewing surfaces up to 18 feet high and 18 feet wide, the Ropewalker features award-winning Optically Seamless TecVision viewing surfaces, which are engineered for high contrast, precise resolution, color accuracy, and the broadest possible view cone, while providing superior quality, consistency, and uniformity.

Together with the TecVision, Ropewalker creates a robust solution for many video projection needs. For more details, click here.

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