Over the past few years, the window shade industry has undergone substantial growth. Because of this, and shade market factors, Draper has added quite a few new dealers.

Working with a new manufacturer can be a bit of a hassle, especially when it comes to specialty custom products like shades. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of working with a new partner, but we want that learning process to be as easy and painless as possible. Here is how we address a few specific situations that can come up:

Time is of the essence.
One of the first questions we get from new and prospective dealers is, “Can you get it to me on time?”

Many of our competitors have struggled with long lead times and missed shipping dates. But Draper can deliver! In anticipation of rapid window shade sales growth, we added capacity to keep up. We’ve invested in more space, equipment, and people. We’re confident in our ability to provide high-quality shading products when you need them.

It’s after hours.
Not all of a shade dealer’s work happens from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. But with Draper’s robust online presence, resources are available to you 24/7! Specifications, submittals, drawings, BIM objects, wiring diagrams, and more are available on our website. With Draper Online you can get quotes and place orders any time of the day or night. And with the Draper Pro Portal (free but you need to register) you can check order status and make payments with a credit card. You’ll also find a great online tool to help with fabric choice and a view-through simulation to demonstrate how color and openness factor affects the look of a shade.

You can also request literature and fabric swatches around-the-clock through our online request site. You can download PDF copies of flyers and brochures. You can also order hard copies and fabric swatches. You can order five items for free. If you need more than five please contact us.

Draper isn’t specified.
If another manufacturer’s product is specified on a job, we have tools to help you get Draper included. On our website you’ll find 3-part MasterFormat specifications for all of our shade products. We also have prior approval service available. We can provide side-by-side comparisons showing how our solution is equal to or better than what is specified. Contact architectural market specialist Jessi Wright for your prior approval needs.

There doesn’t seem to be a solution for my project.
If conventional products and solutions aren’t the right fit for a job, don’t give up! Our solar control solutions engineers can modify existing products or develop a completely custom solution from scratch. The earlier you involve us in the design process, the better able we’ll be to meet your needs. For more information on custom solutions, click here.

Getting marketing support.
As a new dealer, you’ll want to add Draper logos to your website and literature. Marketing resources, including hi-resolution photos and logos, can be found in the Pro Portal (mentioned above). We also offer co-op and other marketing support. To find out how we can help your marketing efforts, contact your Draper representative.

You aren’t sure what to do.
Need help? We’re here for you. Draper is well-known for our friendly customer service and technical support. Our sales and technical consultants will work with you to solve issues with orders, planning, billing, shipping, or installation. If you have a question, we probably have the answer; we haven’t been stumped yet!

If you have questions not addressed here, click here for a free copy of the Draper Specification Guide for Window Shades, or go to our online contact page and reach out to the Draper representative for your area.

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