How do you stay up to date on trends, news, and best practices in the architectural community? Consider podcasts.

Portable and easy to listen to in the office, car, or at home, well-done podcasts drill deeply into niche topics.

Here are seven architectural podcasts you should download and give a listen to:

DnA: Design and Architecture
This Los Angeles-based podcasts focuses on trends in design and urbanism, mainly in L.A. and the surrounding region.

DnA’s mix of digital storytelling and public radio journalism makes it a common choice on lists of the best architectural podcasts. It airs weekly on public radio station KCRW and is hosted by Frances Anderton.

In addition to architecture, urban design, and art, DnA also features voices from fashion, graphics, movie production, and video game design.

DnA posts new shows weekly.

Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, and Cormac Phalen host this ongoing conversation about what it’s really like to work in architecture. They share their daily real-world experiences on finding a job, balancing your work and home life, and even generational differences between architects. They also discuss design and the right tools for different jobs. The hosts approach these and other issues with plenty of good humor. Archispeak produces two episodes per month.

Business of Architecture
On the weekly Business of Architecture podcast, architect Enoch Bartlett Sears interviews leading architects such as Thom Mayne and M. Arthur Gensler on building a profitable and impactful architecture practice.

Among the scores of topics addressed are “12 Questions You Should Ask a Potential Client,” “How to Increase Architecture Firm Revenue, Be More Competitive and Thrive in the New Economy,” “Pricing Your Services,” and “Creating a Business Development Plan for Your Architecture Firm.” If you currently run a firm, or plan to own your own firm in the future, this podcast is a “must listen.”

For a UK perspective, check out the affiliated Business of Architecture UK podcast run by London-based architect Rion Willard.

The Midnight Charette
​Hosts David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet take a personal, unscripted approach to their weekly discussion about architecture, design, and the people who make up those worlds. This informal podcast often tops out at more than 90 minutes, with one recent episode lasting over two hours, but the extra time allows for wide-ranging and in-depth discussions with urban planners, teachers, architects, and others.

The hosts say their discussions are “brutally honest,” and warn that the show is sometimes not “work appropriate.”

About Buildings + Cities
This podcast doesn’t just focus on buildings and cities of the present and future, it also talks about architecture from the distant past. Brits Luke Jones and George Gingell take their listeners on winding detour into the worlds of film, comics, technology, and more. Luke and George approach each topic with humor and good chemistry. Most episodes are between an hour and 90 minutes. There’s a free version, and a paid subscription that offers bonus features.

Architect Magazine editors take turns hosting discussions with the personalities on architecture’s cutting edge. Interviews typically cover current projects, future directions, and what lessons can be taken from those trends.

US Modernist Radio
This podcast markets itself as Car Talk meets modernism, and that’s not far off. Preservationist and radio personality George Smart, announcer and engineer Tom Guild, and guest co-hosts interview modernist historians, critics, and owners/realtors. A variety of topics are covered with irreverence. A new episode is typically posted every two weeks.

All of these podcasts are available on whatever platform you use.

There are many other great podcasts out there that touch on architecture in some way. If you have a favorite we haven’t mentioned, share it in the comments section!

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