Life can be hectic for technology managers working in higher education. In a recent article for, Ithaca College audio visual services coordinator Ryan Engels, CTS‐D, CTS‐I AV, offered a solution: independent AV consultants.

In “Three Good Reasons to Hire an AV Consultant,” Engels said consultants can provide much-needed support for:

  • Keeping contracts and costs in line
  • Helping with system checks and QA
  • Sharing the workload

Draper heartily agrees with Engels. AV consultants provide a valuable service in many sectors, not just higher education.

As a manufacturer, there are several reasons we like working with AV consultants:

  • They make us aware of projects where our products are being used.
  • They let us know what types of projects are being planned.
  • They understand the need to have the right solution for an application.
  • They provide a vital link to tech managers and other end users.

Draper takes the importance of AV consultants seriously enough that a few years ago we added a consultant relations manager to our AV team. That role is filled by industry veteran Steve Cook, who makes sure Draper provides as much assistance and knowledge as possible.

“We add another set of eyes to the project design that just adds another layer of insurance,” Cook said. “We may come up with an idea or something that is available in the Draper line they may have overlooked.”

Draper supports AV consultants in several ways:

  • Engineering/design support
  • Technical documents and drawings
  • Building Information Models (BIMs) available on our website
  • Advanced planning tools like our Projection Planner 2.0
  • Assistance with specifications
  • Ability to modify products or design custom solutions

If you’re an AV consultant working in higher education or in other areas, contact Steve to learn more about how Draper can help make your job easier.

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