Time is money. That time-worn statement may be a cliché, but it still applies, especially in the solar control market. Shading solutions are just one part of the construction process and installers have a limited amount of time to get their products installed without impacting the entire project timeline.

Here are five ways Draper helps you get your jobs completed on time and maybe even ahead of time!

Shipping products faster.
The easier way to impact project timelines is shorter lead times. Even as some competitors have struggled with long lead times and missed shipping dates, we have lowered our lead times.

There are several steps we’ve taken to accomplish this:

  • Increased capacity (additional space, new equipment, more people)
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes
  • In-house powder coating of fascia
  • Domestic fabric suppliers (Phifer and Mermet fabrics in stock)

Confirming product quality.
Few things can throw a construction project into chaos like product quality issues. Broken or malfunctioning shades mean additional communication with the manufacturer, product returns, and the production and shipping of replacement products.

Quality is extremely important to us. Every shading solution we make is tested by a real person before it leaves our Spiceland, Indiana, facility. Points of inspection include view-through with back lighting and shade operation to verify proper operation and correct tracking.

Coordinating with freight companies.
If a dealer requests it Draper has the ability to coordinate the delivery so shades go to the floor where they are to be installed, instead of having them all dropped if in one place. This means no time is lost in onsite coordinating placement of shades or in going back and forth between the product location and the installation area. This requires a great deal of coordination by Draper, the dealer, the contractor, and freight companies, which may mean an additional charge for this service.

When we pack a shade for shipment, we include a card with each shade with details about the shade, including where it goes if the dealer has provided this information. Each skid or box of shades also has what we call a “license plate” with much of the same information, so it can be quickly and easily routed once onsite.

Ensuring quicker installation.
Connecting motorized shades can add installation time if not properly planned. Draper motorized shades come with quick connectors. Electricians can run wire up to where the shades are going to be installed, with one end of the connector ready for the shade. The other end of the quick connector is attached to the motor. When the shades arrive, installers just “plug in” the shade. We use M12 connectors that are easy to handle and fit through standard cable exit holes without modifications.

Keeping track 24 hours a day.
Administrative tasks like checking order status, tracking shipments, and making payments take up valuable time. Draper has several online tools that let you take care of many of these tasks on your own schedule. With Draper online you can get quotes and place orders. In the Draper Pro Portal you can check order status, get account information, and make payments with a credit card.

Access to these tools is free but requires you to register with your Draper account number. To sign up for Draper online, click here to request access. To register for the Draper Pro Portal, click here.

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