No single solar control solution fits every application, and often there is no standard solution in place. Draper is updating its Daylighting Academy with new educational materials to help architects recognize how to address solar control issues on a project-by-project basis.

We will kick off our updated Daylighting Academy October 31 with the webinar “Project-Specific Solutions for Glare Control and Solar Heat Gain Reduction,” which will look at daylighting solutions when off-the-shelf products won’t work.

This will be hosted by Draper solar control solutions consultant, Richard Wilson. His co-host will be Larry Speck, FAIA, senior principal for architectural and engineering firm Page and W. L. Moody Jr., and centennial professor in architecture at the University of Texas at Austin.

The webinar has four learning objectives:

  • Discuss the benefits of providing glare control and solar heat gain reduction for occupant visual and thermal comfort.
  • Describe how the Brain Performance Institute implemented natural lighting techniques to meet the diverse needs of occupants and visitors.
  • Identify factors that contribute to the need for a project-specific solar control solution.
  • Explain strategies to make an informed selection for solar control solutions.

We will also unveil a new class entitled “Project-Specific Solutions for Glare Control and Solar Heat Gain Reduction” in the November issue of Architectural Record. The new course also uses case studies to demonstrate how three types of solutions can be used to address specific solar control issues. Those possibilities include:

  • Modified products
  • Specialized solutions
  • Custom, project-specific solutions

In addition, the new course provides a grounding in the main health, energy, sustainability, and productivity advantages and disadvantages of controlled daylighting. The course also discusses how shading systems provide energy efficient solutions for occupants in addition to benefits for the environment.

The Daylighting Academy is co-sponsored by Phifer Incorporated and earns participants eight American Institute of Architects (AIA) learning units (five AIA LU/HSW and three AIA LU).

Register here for the live webinar. (If you miss it, he webinar will remain available for on demand viewing.)

This is part of the Architectural Record series of continuing education academies. For more information on the Daylighting Academy, click here.

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