Not every audiovisual or solar control project lends itself to a standardized solution. In these instances, Draper takes a project-by-project approach, working with customers to develop a unique solution specific to their needs.

While this approach doesn’t work for every project, it does expand the ability to use AV and solar control in new ways.

Here are five tips for getting the most from your custom Draper experience.

Get in early.
When it comes to incorporating custom solutions into a design, the sooner you start planning, the better. By considering possible custom needs at the very beginning of a project, you keep more options open and guarantee a more integrated and successful user experience.

Keep an open mind.
Why limit your possibilities? Remember: you’re looking at a custom solution because there currently isn’t one for your application. If you have a dream, sketch it out! Or tell us the problem that needs to be solved and we will brainstorm some ideas for you. The sky’s the limit—as long as you remember we can’t violate the laws of physics.

Open, clear communication and documentation are important in keeping a custom project on track.

Choose wisely.
Custom solutions will not work for every situation. A project needs to review the demands of the custom requirements against the budget and timeline of the product need. In the end a simpler and off-the-shelf solution may be the best bet. And, there are some applications that are simply a bridge too far or there’s no way to accomplish what is desired. But by thinking about it from the very start (see above), we are far more likely to be able to team with the building designers to work around any difficulties.

Communicate clearly.
Precise and frequent communication is a requirement when developing custom solutions. Miscommunications will have consequences later in the project. If there is even a tiny doubt about something or a seemingly crazy question, don’t keep it to yourself. Get it out there in the open to avoid potential problems down the road.

Document everything.
Keep all of those emails. Hold onto drawings, post-it notes, napkin sketches—anything that has to do with the project. You can bet we are doing the same. There is very little margin for error in designing a custom solution, so it’s important to have everything in writing so what is expected is clear to everyone.

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