Today’s architects are seeking more product transparency and sustainable design choices and we’ve been getting more requests for products with a limited number of ingredients. That’s why we will be making a special announcement at Greenbuild 2018. We can’t say anything more right now, but look for our announcement during the show, November 14-16 in Chicago.

Solar control is a more important part of building design and operation strategies than ever before, but every building is different and often the standard shading solutions aren’t relevant. Draper works hand-in-hand with architects and designers to bring innovation and custom solutions to solar control.

At Greenbuild we will be sharing stories of real-world solar control requirements and how they were met.

Directional rollers help this custom shading solution adapt to angle in the facade.

Making modifications.
Our custom abilities range from making small modifications to existing Draper shading systems to one-of-a-kind design-build solutions. We can work with architects to design a custom-manufactured solution, as we did for the Marina Heights project in Tempe, Arizona. Custom brackets were required to avoid attaching shades to the moveable storefront, which was designed to flex with building movement. Draper’s dedicated solar control solutions design engineers developed an alternative mounting solution—custom mounting brackets that allowed the shades to be attached to the horizontal mullion. 3D drawings and 3D-printed sample brackets to test with a mock-up section of mullion ensured the solution was the right one.

Taking a new angle.
The University of Chicago Lab School was building a new arts facility, the Gordon Parks Arts Hall. It was a high-profile project, making use of daylighting, but there was a problem. The facade design featured some unique angles and breaks in the glass, so finding a workable solar shading solution was proving difficult. Draper designed and manufactured a custom motorized shade system with tracks and re-directional rollers to help the shade fabric pass smoothly over the angles. Draper’s solution provided solar control without giving up square footage to shades hanging straight down into the workspace.

Custom louver solution for the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa.

Going big and custom.
For the Wilshire Grand Center in Los Angeles, California, Draper provided a totally one-of-a-kind motorized blind system with 12-inch louvers. These systems were installed in the lower and upper sky lobby (70th through 72nd floors) to control heat buildup and reduce glare, while providing a unique aesthetic. The Wilshire Grand is the tallest building in the United States west of the Mississippi River.

Draper is also helping the Canadian Parliament meet and debate in comfort. We designed custom-operated louver systems to provide solar control over a large expanse of glazing above the parliament’s main debating chamber. This louvers rotate 180 degrees throughout the day to prevent direct sunlight from penetrating into the chamber.

For more stories about how to approach solar control through customization and innovation, and for our big announcement, stop by Greenbuild booth 321, November 14-16 in Chicago.

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