A new safety standard takes effect on December 15 for window coverings with operable cords that are located in areas accessible by small children. The new standard, ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018, was developed by the Window Coverings Manufacturer’s Association and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The main goal of this standard is to eliminate strangulation hazards for small children from hanging cords and chain loops. The standard impacts two product types: stock and custom. Because Draper never makes shade products ahead of time in standard sizes, we fall under the custom area.

Under the standard, clutch-operated shades utilizing a continuous-loop operating system require a suitable cord-tensioning device.

What we do.
When a Draper dealer “opts in” to have custom shades comply with the standard, we provide a pre-installed spring-loaded chain tension device for clutch-operated units. A warning label is attached to the kit and approved mechanical fasteners are included. When properly installed, the tension device prevents the creation of a hazardous loop by maintaining tension on the bead chain. If not installed properly, the shade is partially inoperable. A warning label is also added to the shade roller.

We will also be introducing new shade models inspired by the new standard. These include a spring roller shade with controlled retraction, a clutch shade without a closed bead chain loop, and a third type of battery-operated shade. Stay tuned for more information on our new products in the coming weeks!

What you can do.
If shades will be in an area accessible to children, here’s how you can ensure maximum safety:

  • Use cordless shades, such as motorized or battery-operated units.
  • If using manually-operated shades, make sure they are WCMA/ANSI 100.1-2018-compliant and make sure they are correctly installed.
  • If there are exposed cords, move them out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure children’s furniture, such as beds and cribs, are located away from windows.

Compliance information will appear under a designated tab on the web pages of affected products. Click here for an example.

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