Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of a project delay because of product or delivery issues. We know you feel the pull of deadlines and expectations from their own customers. That’s why we’ve improved our internal processes to bring a bit more sanity to your next shade project.

Here are three specific improvements we’ve made:

Reduced lead times on shade orders.
Time is money and missed shipping dates can cost dealers and installers plenty of both. Draper has taken several measures to ensure short lead times and on-time delivery for shade orders.  We use capacity planning to know when and how to beef up dedicated resources.

As a result, on-time order shipments have increased and lead times have declined significantly. Lead times are typically around seven working days, even in our busiest season.

Easier site coordination and installation.
Shipping shades separately from hardware like brackets and fascia covers means more time searching for parts and increased opportunity for missing or lost hardware. Once you find it, how do you know what hardware goes with which shade?

Draper instituted one window packaging. Everything needed for installing a shade in its window opening, including brackets and fascia, is clearly labeled and is packed with that shade.

As a result, customers have reported that problems with lost or missing hardware have decreased and installation times have significantly reduced. One window packing makes it is much easier for the installer to find what is needed to install the shades and get off the job site quickly.

Improved quality and reduced returns.
Small fabric imperfections or manufacturing errors can lead to project delays, increasing labor costs and upsetting your customer.

Draper implemented thorough quality inspections. Every shade component is hand checked and every completed shade is individually tested to ensure smooth operation. Mesh fabric shades are also backlit to check for imperfections. Draper is one of the few window covering manufacturers that inspects and operates every shade prior to packing.

Returns due to quality issues or fabric imperfections have been reduced by quality inspections of every shade before it ships to dealers from Draper’s Indiana factory.

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