Window shade automation should be elegant, simple, and scalable. IntelliFlex I/O is a new complete control solution for motorized shades that is flexible and expandable to the size and complexity of a project.

Intelligent motors are connected to wall switches and other input devices through a wired network. This network allows communication between the devices and distributes power to them from the motors, eliminating the need for external power supplies.

The backbone of IntelliFlex I/O is the Network Device Connector (NDC). An NDC connects to each system component, such as a shade motor, wall switch, or other interface. Power comes from shade motors and is distributed through the network via the NDCs. You can connect up to 120 devices and extend the network to 4000 feet in total with no further restrictions on connections between components.

Single Zone Wall Switch with Network Device Connector.

Other components that are part of IntelliFlex I/O include:

Wall Switches
Intelligent low-voltage wall switches are available for single- and dual-zone use. Switches feature an in-wall user interface.

Sensor/Schedule Interface
Up to 8 scheduled override events can be configured using on-board buttons and LCD display. Allows up to 4 sensors to be added to an IntelliFlex® I/O network. Includes built-in support for brightness, wind and precipitation sensors, and pyranometers.

Contact Closure Interface
The Contact Closure Interface connects existing third-party controllers that require contact closures.

Motor Limit Tool.

A\V Gateway
The A\V Gateway supports serial, contact closure, low voltage and IR interfaces.

Wireless Network Gateway
For simple integration from a single receiving point, IntelliFlex® I/O Wireless Network Gateway offers wireless roller shade control on a wired network.

Motor Limit Tool
The IntelliFlex® I/O Motor Limit Tool allows the end user to copy and paste motor limits and preset stops easily to a network of motors.

IR and RF remote controls are also available. The RF handheld remote provides control of roller shades from anywhere with a simple touch or swipe. The IR Remote features 3-button control for up, down, and stop directional functions.

Another IntelliFlex I/O advantage is how simple it is to purchase, install, and use. You can quote all components in a single line item on DraperOnline, our online window shade ordering system. You don’t have to remember component part numbers or worry about compatibility between controls and motors.

Once installed, configuration is done from the devices themselves, or with a simple, inexpensive tool. No laptops are required. You can copy and paste limits from one shade to another, or from one shade to the entire network. Visual displays make troubleshooting fast and easy.

I/O is highly customizable and can grow and adapt as needs change without the need to replace existing hardware and wiring, providing a scalable solution ideal for small to mid-size commercial projects. To learn more, click here.

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