Balancing the need for privacy with the positives of natural light doesn’t have to mean choosing one or the other. Here are four ways you can have privacy and enjoy the benefits of daylighting in the same window opening.

Dual Roller FlexShade®
Dual roller shades feature the ability to vertically stack two fabric shades in a single recessed headbox leading to design solutions that optimize a project space. By having an opaque fabric on one roller and mesh on the other, you can choose which you want at any given time. Draper offers three dual roller solutions:

  • Dual Roller Pocket Headbox. Allows for recessed ease of installation during the construction phase, saving shade roller set-up for later.
  • Dual Roller Fascia. The fascia is notchless, provides a secure fit, and features complete concealment of the roller and hardware with no exposed fasteners. Matching endcaps are provided.
  • Dual Roller Endcaps. This stand-alone hardware option can be used in existing pockets or when the rollers will be otherwise concealed.

Details on our dual roller options can be found on our shade hardware web page.

Bottom-Up FlexShade
The Bottom-Up FlexShade allows privacy or glare control in the lower half the window because it rises from a roller at the bottom of the window sill. Sunlight passes comfortably above people and objects adjacent to the window. It protects work surfaces near windows from harsh glare and excess heat while also providing privacy.

For more information click here to go to our Bottom-Up FlexShade page.

FlexWave with Integrated FlexShade Brackets
A light shelf is a horizontal shelf placed above eye-level. It reflects sunlight onto the ceiling, bringing it deeper into the space. This distribution of light reduces “hot spots” and allows a deeper penetration of glare-free natural light.

While light shelves work well to divert natural light further into the building, there’s the question of solar control in the opening below them. Draper’s Integrated FlexShade combines our FlexWave light shelf with an integrated shade bracket for a privacy shade in the lower portion of the window.

Learn more about the FlexWave here.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds can prevent glare or add privacy by retracting, extending, or tilting the slats. But, as with shades, there is a way to get the best of both worlds in the same window.

We can configure the blind system so that the upper orientation slats at the top of the window is different than those at the bottom. This allows you to control light differently at the top and bottom. There is also a system that allows you to control slats at the top and bottom separately, but this is less common and more expensive.

Find out more about our Venetian blind options by clicking here.

To figure out what approach will best suit your application and budget, click here to find a Draper representative for your area.

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