The digital signage market is huge and exciting. This week we are in Las Vegas showing how our solutions fit in that world.

This week we are also releasing a new white paper which explains the need for custom audiovisual solutions, why Draper is the right partner, and what our process is. The white paper is by Grant Wylie, director of product management – AV structures & solutions.

Digital signage plays a major and increasingly important role in our society. Video screens are becoming ubiquitous, delivering content ranging from simple wayfinding and advertising to critical emergency alert information.

Many mount manufacturers in this market focus on “universal” solutions, treating the structure behind the displays as a commodity.

Draper’s custom audiovisual solutions initiative takes a different approach. We provide unique mounting solutions to interface with buildings, workspaces, and technology, including custom structures, frames, mounts, kiosks, and trim for any type of digital display.

Why choose a custom solution?
People associate the word “custom” with high development costs and specialized manufacturing processes. We are challenging that line of thinking by offering a custom approach without the high cost.

We work hand-in-hand with our manufacturing partners to ensure our custom designs are attuned to the strengths and needs of our partners’ products. Every new design goes through a lengthy development and testing process to anticipate and solve potential challenges before they get into customers’ hands. Flat, curved, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, side of a building—there is no application that can’t be planned for.

A tailored mounting solution also provides more value for everyone involved. There are fewer installation challenges, a shorter installation timeline, and no need for field modifications to deal with site conditions. A tailored solution has the potential to save money, keeping installers and customers happy and coming back for more.

Why choose Draper?
For more than 60 years, we’ve been known in the AV industry mostly for projection screens. With screens, it is usually just an order for us. We may not know where it is being installed or the circumstances/site conditions. Custom AV solutions are handled differently. It’s not a “box sale.” We’re communicating with our partners, dealers, and customers throughout the project, identifying and overcoming key challenges up front. This ensures the project goes smoothly and that we are providing the best-looking display.

Draper is not new to the custom design and manufacturing process. We have been this type of service for decades. Every window shade that has left our factory since 1902 has been custom made to measure for a specific window. Our gym equipment department turns out hundreds of basketball backstops every year, each one custom built for the specific structure to which it will be mounted and the gym in which it will be installed.

Through our solar control solutions division, we’ve taken custom to new levels of design and performance. We work with architects, designers, and engineers to create solutions, starting from the very first design idea all the way through to commissioning. Our custom designs can be found in some of the world’s most beautiful and innovative buildings, including the Wilshire Grand Center in downtown Los Angeles, the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, the Shed in New York, and the American Museum of Motion Pictures.

We have brought this partner-centric project management approach to the AV world. We focus on a limited number of manufacturers to develop custom solutions for their products which can be tailored to your application.

Our goal is to make cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions that are robust and will stand the test of time. Our solutions are designed with installation and servicing in mind. We strive to ensure all of our solutions are quick and easy to install and provide the precision alignment necessary for a perfect video wall experience.

What is our process?
Designing and manufacturing custom solutions takes time, and we are dedicated to doing it right. Our engineering, project management, and manufacturing teams—both in Spiceland, Indiana, and at our Swedish subsidiary, Smart Media Solutions—work closely with strategic partners on each project from beginning to end. Our process includes:

  • Initial phase. We gather all the information possible: size, product specifications, location and building structure details, use case, and more.
  • Research phase. We explore all aspects of the project to determine the best option for a tailored solution and what we can bring to the project.
  • Development phase. In concert with our manufacturing partner, our team of engineers comes up with a tailored design for the specific application. We hone the design using 3D CAD, 3D-printed samples when needed, and full-scale mock-ups, ensuring the design perfectly fits the need. The design undergoes testing to ensure it meets safety and performance specifications.
  • Production phase. The solution is manufactured and assembled at Draper to confirm fit and function.
  • Installation phase. We provide the support necessary for a perfect installation. This nay include a simple set of detailed instructions, on-site installation supervision, or full onsite installation services.

Throughout this process, our project manager team is in consistent contact with all parties involved, providing comprehensive communications so the project stays on track. To get in touch with our custom audiovisual solutions team, click here to go to our contact page. Under departments, select “custom AV solutions.”

To download a free PDF copy of this white paper, click here.

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