The creative use of metal has become a modern design and construction trend.

In addition to advantages such as recyclability and versatility, the aesthetic created by incorporating metal is a big reason for the increased use.

Here are four ways Draper helps you incorporate the metallic look into a building, while also dealing with glare and solar heat gain as part of an overall daylighting strategy:

FlexLouver™ Rack Arm System
The FlexLouver™ Rack Arm System shading system is perfect for difficult glazing situations. Each operable louver system is custom-designed to meet the specific application requirements. A variety of powder coat color options are available to bring the FlexLouver into any design aesthetic. The louvers may be tilted in fine increments to manage control of light levels within a space, making it perfect for venues such as galleries or museums, where precise light control is imperative.

s_enn® Shading System
The s_enn® is a thin, lightweight stainless-steel retractable panel that rolls up like a standard fabric roller shade. When the sun is at an angle of 20 degrees or higher, the placement of the rods offers a nice view-through, while blocking direct light. It has been tested in a wind tunnel at speeds of up to 80 mph (126 kph) with no damage making the s_enn perfect for the exterior of high-rise buildings.

s_onro® Daylighting Shutter System
The s_onro® exterior roller shutter system features aluminum slats designed to provide privacy, yet still allow light and air into the room as needed. Aluminum slats offer a clean, modern look with an architectural feel. They are retractable or can be lowered for a louvered, light-filtering appearance. When the sun rises higher than 20 degrees, direct light is blocked. As the slats are completely lowered they collapse into a solid, opaque wall for total privacy and light exclusion.

Draper Motorized Venetian Blinds by Warema
Venetian Blinds by Warema creates just the right amount of daylight by preventing glare thanks to the system’s ability to retract, extend, or tilt the slats. Exterior and dual facade applications provide effective solar control and thermal comfort with optimal daylighting. Perforated slats can provide view-through and also a slightly different aesthetic. They can be used for new buildings or renovations, and are appropriate for commercial, institutional, retail, and residential applications. There are many powder coat color options available to fit the needs of your specific project.

If you are incorporating metallic elements in your next design, don’t forget to include solar control in your design! For more information on our metal shading systems, click here.

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