You need the most up-to-date information on Draper’s solutions to give your customers the best AV experiences. Here are some the latest product additions and updates, all of which can be found in Draper’s 2019 AV price list.

Smaller Access Sizes
We’ve added new smaller sizes to the Access V and Access E projection screen offering. These match sizes that are also available in the Access Fit. We recommend the standard Access V or E whenever the above-ceiling space permits. When space is tight, the Access Fit offers a good alternative.

Premier XL/Targa XL
Our popular Premier and Targa electric screens have been available in two case sizes for several years. We’ve separated the large case products into two new models: Premier XL and Targa XL. The size and viewing surface options have not changed.

Fast Shipping
Draper can now ship most electric screens in just 5 days. Average lead times for our electric projection screens are 6 days or less. This average is for all our electric screens and is not restricted to one single model.

Core, Advanced and Tailored Products
Draper has been engaged in custom manufacturing for years. Custom AV Solutions demonstrates the company’s ongoing focus with new and innovative solutions for the audiovisual marketplace. Through this project-based initiative, we design and manufacture purpose-built products delivering best-in-class results. Simply stated, we develop tailored mounting solutions to interface buildings, workspaces, and technology. This includes custom structures, frames, mounts, and trim for any type of digital display, plus kiosks and more.

SmartTrim is a modular system designed specifically to frame Barco UniSee® video walls, standard or custom configured. SmartTrim uses a patent-pending design to click trim in place for a quick and easy installation. It’s ideal for new and retrofit projects.

SmartTrim comes with a textured matte black finish, but white and other colors are optionally available.

This installer-friendly solution is easily installed after the Barco UniSee video wall has been mounted, and easily removed for quick access to the LCD panels during service.

Silent Partner™
The Silent Partner ensures projector heat and noise are no longer a problem. This projector enclosure is designed to hold projectors from 5,000—15,000 ANSI lumens with a convoluted exhaust airflow path and acoustic insulation foam to greatly reduce any sound from the projector, while the thermostatic fan control ensures proper projector cooling.

Available in three sizes to fit any projector in any room, it features removable, lockable side doors with optical grade port glass.

Fly Cages
Draper Fly Cages are available in several sizes and designed to provide sturdy, dependable, long-lasting rigging for your valuable projectors. Manufactured from 2” (5 cm) tubing, Draper fly cages easily attach to cheeseborough clamps for quick and secure mounting to truss. The adjustment mechanism allows precise projector alignment, and multiple cages can be stacked for increased projector brightness or redundancy.

These products are covered in our 2019 AV price list, available through the Pro Portal. For access, please contact your Draper representative.

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