The site for this year’s NCAA Division I Men’s Final Four spent $4.6 million to block natural daylight from entering the facility and interfering with television coverage.

The U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is using heavy, grey curtains to hide one of the things the venue is known for.

With some pre-planning, problems like this (and the additional expense) can be avoided. By working with Draper, architects and builders can have a purpose-built solution that fits in with a facility’s design and can be used when needed to address light issues.

There are many ways Draper might address issues similar to those experienced by U.S. Bank Stadium. Here are four examples:

Automated Shading System
A simple solution would be to install motorized window shades. The number of motors could be reduced by coupling several shade panels together. The shades could be kept in the open position until needed. A window shade automation system could be employed to lower some or all shades when necessary. Draper’s IntelliFlex I/O is a complete control solution for motorized shades that is flexible and expandable to the size and complexity of a project. Intelligent motors are connected to wall switches and other input devices through a wired network, so it would be perfect for such a project.

Motorized Venetian Blinds
Venetian Blinds by Warema shading system create just the right amount of daylight by preventing glare thanks to the system’s ability to retract, extend, or tilt the slats. Exterior and dual facade applications provide effective solar control and thermal comfort with optimal daylighting. As with shades, these systems could be retracted until needed.

FlexLouver Rack Arm System
Rack arm systems bring precise light control and are long-lasting solutions, providing years of dependable service with minimal maintenance. Although the louvers cannot be retracted they may be tilted in fine increments to manage control of light levels within a space and would add an interesting architectural element. They are perfect for difficult glazing situations.

Custom Solution
Of course, it might turn out that off-the-shelf shading systems, modified products, or specialized solutions might not be available to fit your need. In that case, Draper works with you to provide a custom-designed solution specifically for your project. In addition to addressing solar control issues, such a custom system fits your design intent and integrates well into the building.

 To explore Draper’s wide range of solutions for shading and solar control, click here.

To read more about how solar control became an issue at this year’s Final Four, click here.

Please Note: Top image of U.S. Bank Stadium, 82 minutes before Super Bowl LII. Photo by Darb02. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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