Next month, the AV industry will turn its attention to Orlando as the latest and greatest AV technology will be on display. At InfoComm 2019, Draper will be concentrating on AV mounts and structures, with examples of core, advanced, and tailored solutions on display.

Core Solutions
SmartTrim™ for Barco’s UniSee display system is a patent pending, design-protected solution co-developed with SMS Smart Media Solutions, a Draper subsidiary in Sweden. It provides a simple and elegant trim remedy for a wide range of standard and custom configurations. Standard kits include configurations of 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 as well as 2×4 and 3×4. Larger configurations can be created for nearly any application.

Digital projectors can put out a lot of heat, and cooling fan noise can be a big distraction—especially with shorter throw distances putting the projector closer to the audience. With Draper’s Silent Partner projector housing, projector heat and noise are no longer a problem. The Silent Partner housing greatly reduces any sound from the projector, while the thermostatically-controlled fan control ensures proper projector cooling.

Advanced Solutions
Ambient light has traditionally been one of projection’s worst enemies. Before ambient light rejecting screens, as soon as you turned on the lights, the image on the screen washed out, sometimes almost completely disappearing. To highlight the benefits of ALR screen surface technology, Draper will be demonstrating a traditional Matt White XT1000V surface next to our TecVision CS1200X ALR surface. With the CS1200X ALR rejecting 82 percent of ambient light, the demonstration will show its ability to provide superior contrast in unmanaged high ambient light conditions.

Tailored Solutions
What happens when you want to create an LCD video wall, but there is no wall structure in place? The Icon Ace Freestand provides a stable and reliable floor-mounted video wall where there is no wall. Many components ship pre-assembled, making the Icon Ace Freestand much easier to install, and the modular design provides fine X/Y/Z axis adjustment for each display.

For applications where a wall is available, Draper’s new Video Wall Mount lets you build an LCD video wall of nearly any dimension and shape. The modular solution is designed to make exact alignment of the displays easy. The Video Wall Mount is a cost-effective and simple way of building a video wall or mounting several screens in a row. Simply choose as many mounts as you need. The Video Wall Mount places the display close to the wall and provides fine vertical and depth adjustments, ensuring displays are aligned perfectly.

The Extendable Video Wall employs simple but ingenious spring-mounted extension units enabling the display to extend out from the wall for easier rear access servicing or exchange.

Sony says its Crystal LED technology contains LEDs half the thickness of a human hair, allowing contrast ratios as high as 1,000,000:1. So when Sony needed a solution for safe transport and easy demo setup, a great deal of precision was required.

Sony’s Crystal LED product requires XYZ alignment in the micrometer range. Draper’s solution provides a structure that is extremely rigid and prevents flexing due to the weight of multiple installed cabinets. The case provides a very rigid but adjustable base structure and a solid machined starter bar called a DUB. The base and DUB are manufactured to extremely precise measurements so the solution cannot flex more than .02mm under the load of even an 8K display.

Tailored solutions for manufacturing partners
In the world of LED video walls, each manufacturer requires a unique mounting solution. Draper will showcase its work with manufacturing partners to develop two such tailored mounting solutions

Draper partnered with Leyard® to design an LED mounting solution for their TVF Series of LED cabinets. Draper’s ADA-compliant solution features independent X-Y-Z adjustments for fast and flawless installation. Standard kits accommodate arrays of 5×5 (137″ D), 6×6 (164″ D), and 8×8 (219″ D), and are available in custom configurations.

There will also be a curved solution on display. Draper worked with Absen to develop a tailored mounting solution for the Acclaim series LED panels. Draper’s solution provides a faceted curved array through precise alignment between each column of panels. This complete solution is provided with all needed hardware including side cladding and lower ventilated filler panels. It can also be tailored for flying applications and is easily adaptable to other manufacturers’ products.

To see how Draper can solve your AV mounting and projection needs, us in booth 1342 at InfoComm 2019, June 12-14 in Orlando.

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