A cyberattack can bring a company to its knees. In many cases, such attacks are responsible for the complete demise of a company.

When Draper was hit with a ransomware attack in early July, we discovered what it takes to survive and come out stronger: people.

In the attack aftermath, our employees stepped up, working extra hours, taking on unfamiliar jobs, and finding ways to manually work around problems. Our IT department went all in, working days, nights, and weekends to bring Draper back.

We are also filled with gratitude for the loyalty and patience of our dealers throughout. Our order receipts continue to be strong, and we appreciate your confidence in us!

Here are some highlights from this journey:

  • We have rebuilt our computer network completely. It’s better and more secure than ever before.
  • While that work was going on, we implemented workarounds to keep manufacturing and shipping products. We put miles on our shoes delivering files and paperwork and completed shipping documents by hand.
  • Manufacturing lead times have been extended a few days over the past month, but now they are coming back down. You can expect a return to the industry-leading shipping schedules Draper was maintaining before this attack in the coming weeks.
  • Draper posted a new single-day production record for window shades on August 15, and broke that record on August 26!
  • Online payment is back. You will now be able to view and select invoices, sales orders, and submit your payment on our credit card payment site at https://draperinc.com/pay. Card numbers and personal information are sent directly to our bank and never stored at Draper when you pay through this system.
  • Order status and shipping information for shades and AV have been restored. This information is updated nightly.
  • In the two weeks that we have had our gym equipment CAD group back up, they have advanced well over 100 jobs from ATM to production or from field check to ATM.
  • We started producing submittal drawings a couple of weeks ago – a full week sooner than anticipated.

Our website at draperinc.com has remained operational and secure throughout the events of July and August. However, we were not able to update the site—including the account and order information that you can access when you log into the Draper Pro Portal. We are making progress there as well.

There is still work to do. We continue doing as much as we can, as quickly as we can, to return to normal operations and lead-times. The Draper Dealer News window inside the Pro Portal will be used for future updates regarding Pro Portal applications.

Once again, thank you to everyone for sticking with us through this very tough time!

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