Video walls can be a spectacular and attention-getting addition to any project. Vibrant, high resolution content and large screens combine to provide the best visual experience in the history of AV. But there are ways to create an even bigger impact by considering the mounting and configuration of the displays.

Here are four ways to add punch to your video wall display:

Supersize it.
Really big displays used to be restricted to far viewing. The resolution was far too poor for up close viewing. But as pixel pitch has gotten smaller, resolution has increased drastically. Pixel pitch describes the density of pixels on the LED. The smaller the pixel pitch, the greater the resolution. This has brought bigger displays into more scenarios because they can be viewed up close. You can now create quite large video walls in spaces close to viewers. Display giant images, turn walls into works of moving art, or display content from several different sources at once.

Curve it.
Building a curved video wall can bring your display to a new level. A concave wall that curves inward creates a more immersive experience. It enhances viewers’ perception of ‘depth,’ makes the image seem wider, improves contrast, and gives the impression of a wider effective viewing angle.

You can also use concave or convex curves—in either the vertical or horizontal planes—to provide a stunning design element.

Reshape it.
Our ability to take a modular approach to mounting combined with tremendous software advances means we are no longer stuck with 1×2, 2×4, and other traditional video wall designs. Create more visual impact by video walls that stretch in different directions. Grab attention by creating custom content that flows with the design.

Suspend it.
Placing displays above open areas and walkways is another way to make a big visual impact. A simple structure of displays facing in several directions can accomplish this. For a bigger punch, provide a circular structure with no right angles or spaces between displays.

There are many ways to add punch to video displays. What are some of your tips? Share them in the comments below.

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