With the growing demand for solar control, customers are looking for new solutions to expand where shades can be used. Draper is helping you meet those growing expectations with a new round of innovative solutions.

An expanded IntelliFlex® I/O.
IntelliFlex® I/O was introduced last year as a flexible and expandable motorized shade control. Now we are adding to the line, making IntelliFlex I/O the go-to choice for any project, no matter the size and complexity.

  • Central Network Controller: Now IntelliFlex I/O allows for whole building automation & large-scale sun tracking. There is an onboard user interface as well as a web-based user interface for multi-user access.
  • IP Gateway: Allows IntelliFlex I/O shading systems to integrate via BACnet IP and acts as a BMS integration option. The IP Gateway also acts as a local “router” which will allow medium-to-large scale systems to be connected over multiple floors for one continuous communication network.
  • Sensor Interface with Sun Tracking (SSI+): This schedule and sensor interface that allows for entry-level sun tracking for small scale projects.
  • 1 and 4 Motor External Motor Controllers: Now you can connect standard 4-wire motors to an IntelliFlex I/O system.

Additional sizes for Clutch-Operated FlexShade® NEXD.
Small and large standard shade hardware is coming soon for FlexShade® NEXD. The wall- or ceiling-mounted NEXD is ready for installation with three flexible options: fully assembled cassette style system (slim only), a standard set-up with endcaps, or endcaps with fascia. This premium manually-operated shade includes pre-drilled jamb mounting holes and a height-adjustable idler bracket for fine leveling adjustments after installation. The heavy-duty field convertible clutch provides ease of use and low maintenance for commercial, healthcare, institutional, or educational settings.

Even more shade fabric options.
Our American fabric suppliers continue to be on the cutting edge of shade fabric development. This year’s price list features several new fabrics that combine technology with beauty.

  • SheerWeave® 8000 is a new Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™, PVC-free, and 100% recyclable fabric from Phifer. It is an excellent eco-friendly option for any commercial FlexShade®.
  • Mermet’s Verona Daylight™ is a 1% open fancy weave fabric that transmits a subtle glow of light with muted views, but still gives ample privacy. Made of 100% polyester.
  • Verona Twilight™ by Mermet is an opaque fabric of 50% Polyester and 50% Acrylic that provides privacy without sacrificing a modern style.
  • Draper Opaque Apagón Style III is a 3-ply opaque shade fabric consisting of 62.1% vinyl, 31.6% fiberglass, and 6.2% proprietary coating to make sure the light stays out.
  • E Screen Deco™, T Screen Deco™, and M Screen Deco™ deliver the reliable performance of E, M, and T Screen™, but with a sophisticated textured appearance.
  • S Screen™ features bundled fiberglass core yarns wrapped in a polyester thread.
  • T Screen Naturals™ and S Screen Naturals™ are similar to T Screen and S Screen,  but have a new woven structure to add rich texture to the shade.
  • M Screen Chroma™ has an ultra-fine layer of aluminum which reflects up to 86% of solar radiation.

Other control updates.
Draper shades are now available with Power over Ethernet (PoE) Gateway from Somfy®. The SDN PoE Gateway delivers up to 51W of power and Ethernet-based connectivity for network connected shade systems using 24V RS485 motors.

We’ve also expanded our battery motor options. The Sonesse® ST28 Li-Ion RTS Motor Wire free motor uses built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This provides a convenient and quiet motorized solution without the added cost of battery replacement. All of these new innovations are coming soon to our website at draperinc.com. If you are a Draper dealer, you may also find more information in the 2020 Draper price list, which is available for download in the Draper Pro Portal at draperinc.com/draperpro.

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