June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

Open for business.
We are receiving, manufacturing, and shipping orders, and we are carefully monitoring our supply chain. Key suppliers are also continuing operation and are shipping us the materials we need. Our business continues to be strong and sales are improving. Our sales staff is now back in the office but maintaining social distancing. Please use our website contacts (click here) to find the direct line of the person you need to reach. As always, we are ready to accept your quotes and orders.

Shipping and Delivery.
We are asking dealers with customers who cannot accept deliveries at this time to wait to place the order. If a dealer wishes to go ahead and enter the order but does not want it shipped due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are asking them to include that information on the purchase order.

Health and Safety
We are continuing to take precautions to keep our employees safe. We maintain regular communication with the Henry County Health Department. We are adhering to their guidance and CDC recommendations, as well as Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s recommendations for reopening and conducting business. Here are some other actions we have taken:

  • We continue to prefer to conduct meetings through teleconference, with face-to-face meetings limited to less than 15 people. Tables and chairs have been removed from conference rooms and the remaining furniture spread out to ensure that social distancing continues. Business travel remains limited to local, 1-day travel only.
  • We continue to provide masks upon request to all employees and encourage their use both on and off the premises.
  • We have increased our cleaning and sanitizing practices, both through increased hours for the custodial staff and designated sanitizing time for employees to clean their own work areas.
  • Visitors remain restricted and are limited to scheduled visits with fewer than 10 visitors with no access to areas outside meeting rooms (very limited plant tours at this time).
  • Truck drivers are required to remain in their vehicles during pickup and delivery.
  • Employees showing any symptoms are required to stay at home. We are taking employee temperatures every day at the start of the shift. Anyone with a temperature of 100 or more is required to go home.
  • All employees are to maintain social distance while on the premises.
  • Draper also maintains an “onsite” clinic managed by Henry County Hospital allowing our employees to receive affordable, quality care quickly and easily.

We will continue to monitor the health situation in our home community of Spiceland, Indiana, and will respond with the necessary precautions to keep our workforce safe.

Finding Solutions.
Early on in this crisis Draper donated 1200 masks to Henry Community Health, the local hospital serving our community. Both paper and N95 masks were included. Since then we procured and donated an additional quantity of 3-ply masks. At the suggestion of some of our employees, we also began production of cloth masks and plastic face shields, which have been donated to local healthcare facilities and made available to our own employees and their families to help keep them safe. We appreciate our employees’ hard work and desire to help others during this crisis.

We will continue sharing updates regarding our business status as conditions change. Thank you for your continuing business, and please stay safe!