March 24, 2020

Open for business

We are receiving, manufacturing, and shipping orders, and we are carefully monitoring our supply chain. Key suppliers are also continuing operation and are shipping us the materials we need. Our business continues to be strong. The phone numbers and email addresses that you use to contact our sales team are all working, regardless of our locations. Our telephone decision tree is not working correctly for some of our employees working at home. Please use our website contacts (click here) to find the direct line of the person you need to reach. We are still ready to accept your quotes and orders, but communication may be a bit slower.

Shipping and Delivery
Despite the ongoing issues created by the COVID-19 virus, Draper is continuing to manufacture and ship on schedule, thanks to our dedicated employees. The biggest issue currently affecting us is deliveries to certain areas .

In many areas, deliveries are still being made. Some of our LTL truck carriers now require confirmation that the addressee is open for business and accepting deliveries, before they will accept our shipments.

To deal with this problem, we are asking dealers with customers who cannot accept deliveries at this time to either wait to place the order or enter it and ask us to put the order on hold. If the product is shipped out and returned to us, freight costs will increase dramatically. 

When an order needs to be shipped to an area that is under a “stay at home” order, and to a facility that has not been deemed essential, we may need to delay manufacture and shipment.

Our sales team is asking for additional contact information when accepting orders. We are asking our dealers to provide their customers’ very best and most accessible contact point, and to tell the customer to watch for our call. 

Our salesperson will call when the products are ready to ship, so dealers and customers should watch for their calls and messages—their shipment is waiting! As soon as we have received confirmation, the shipment will leave Draper on the next truck. To date, we are keeping up with our shipping schedule. With your help, your orders can be delivered on time.

Health and Safety
We are taking great cautions to keep our employees safe. We have been in near-daily communication with the Henry County Health Department for the past three weeks, and we have implemented or exceeded all the recommendations they have proposed to us. We have significantly relaxed our attendance policy, and our onsite employees have all been offered the option to take a leave during this crisis with no impact on their employment at Draper. Employees who are able to do their work from home are doing so. Here are some other actions we have taken:

  • Meetings are held through teleconference whenever possible, and business travel has been stopped.
  • We have increased our cleaning and sanitizing practices, both through increased hours for the custodial staff and designated sanitizing time for employees to clean their own work areas.
  • Visitors have been banned from the premises. Truck drivers are required to remain in their vehicles during pickup and delivery.
  • Movement between the buildings on our campus has been restricted.
  • Employees showing any symptoms are required to stay at home.
  • Gatherings are limited to less than 10 people.
  • All employees are to maintain social distance while on the premises.
  • Draper also maintains an “onsite” clinic managed by Henry County Hospital allowing our employees to receive affordable, quality care quickly and easily.

This is a fast-moving situation, with changes coming every day. We will continue to monitor the health situation in our home community of Spiceland, Indiana, and will respond with the necessary precautions to keep our workforce safe.

In the interest of transparency with our customers, suppliers, and partners, Draper will continue sharing updates regarding our business status as the pandemic conditions change.

Thank you for your continuing business, and please stay safe!