There are some settings where a standard clutch-operated window shade won’t stand up to rigorous treatment over time. However, due to cost issues, a manual shade is still preferred. It’s for such situations that Draper® introduced the next generation of heavy-duty clutches, the FlexShade® XD.

We have improved on the features of our existing XD to introduce the Clutch-Operated FlexShade NEXD. The NEXD features a heavy-duty, field-convertible clutch built for durability that provides ease of use and low maintenance for commercial, healthcare, institutional, or educational settings. It meets even the most rigorous manual shade specifications. And it is now shipping.

NEXD comes in three sizes—slim, small, and large. The slim size features three mounting and hardware options: endcaps with or without fascia; cassette with or without fascia; and cassette headbox with or without fascia. The small and large sizes can be used with all of Draper’s standard hardware and mounting options.

Either wall or ceiling mounting of NEXD endcaps is possible thanks to field-convertible mounting hardware, and jamb mounting holes are also provided.

Once the endcaps are up, we’ve made it easier to mount the shade roller and fabric assembly. There’s no more struggling to get the idler pin into the bracket since our new design has multiple paths for the pin to follow on its way to sliding into position.

Once the shade is in, the height-adjustable idler bracket lets you perfectly level the shade roller.

The heavy-duty NEXD comes with a stainless-steel bead chain. Spline fabric attachment is standard.

To learn more about the Clutch-Operated FlexShade NEXD, including available fabrics, technical specifications, and information on how to purchase, click here.

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