Several studies have linked productivity with access to natural light and views of the outdoors. But glare, solar heat gain, and direct sun on workers’ eyes or workspaces can make it harder to perform basic work functions and actually lower productivity.

Telling this productivity story and explaining how window shades are a key to getting the most benefits from daylighting while blocking out the negatives, can take a while. And, with most in-person visits on hold for the time being, there’s nobody to share it with anyway.

Draper has a new tool to help you share the story of daylighting, productivity, and window shades. We’ve condensed the information down to an understandable infographic that uses key points to make a compelling case for window shades and productivity.

It’s also easy to share via email. See our new graphic below or click here to download your copy and start sharing the window shades and productivity story today!

Once you whet your clients’ appetites, you can share our full white paper on the subject, complete with references to scientific studies and other helpful information. Click here to download it.

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