Draper is committed to helping you achieve your vision. Whether you need AV, solar control, or gymnasium equipment, we provide solutions in three categories designed to fit any need . We are focused on quality, on-time delivery, and elevated ROI .

Core products are standard products are easy to order and deliver quickly available on a short turnaround time. They provide a quick and easy way to solve almost any need.

Advanced solutions take core concepts a step further, involving a broad spectrum of options for design, accessories, and functionality, including finish color, a choice of hundreds of fabrics, hardware options, and dimensions.

Tailored solutions allow us to partner with you to find your perfect fit-even if it is a one-of-a-kind project. Our in-house project management team provides design, engineering, custom manufacturing, and commissioning. We also offer site support including installation assistance.

To help explain this concept we’ve released an animated video that illustrates these key concepts in an informative and entertaining way. Click here to watch.

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