An ergonomically designed workspace promotes improved performance and productivity while considering worker limitations and capabilities. This is especially true in control rooms, where poor ergonomic design could lead to slower response time and errors in critical situations.

Mitsubishi Electric U.S. is sponsoring a webinar to address control room ergonomics and best practices along with partners including Draper. Kevin Barlow, CTS-D, Draper director of business development, will be among the presenters.

“Picking the right display technology is critical to operational success in every control room,” said Barlow. “The interface between these workspaces and the visual technology is no less important.”

Barlow will provide a high-level view of display mounts, including:

  • New construction versus retrofits
  • Standard versus custom solutions
  • ADA compliance considerations
  • Seismic and safety considerations

One item on this list that might surprise some designers is the question of standard versus custom.

“Meeting all of the performance requirements in some cases requires a completely tailored, one-off solution while other times an off-the shelf mount will do the job just fine,” Barlow said. “That’s why determining not just where but how control room displays will be attached must be considered early in the design process.”

The keynote speaker for the event is Steve Whitley of Design Matters, a control room design firm. He will discuss lighting, noise, and traffic flow. Elizabeth Karadizian from console developer Winsted will address operator console and desktop ergonomics, while Shawn Brady of Mitsubishi Electric will cover choosing the right display technology, ergonomic viewing distance, and display wall technologies for mission critical operations.

“Control Room Ergonomics and Best Practices” will take place June 10 from 1–1:45 p.m. EST. Click here for more information and to register.

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