Innovation is part of the Draper DNA, and that hasn’t changed even during the past few difficult months. Draper engineers have been hard at work on new AV solutions, one in projection screens and one in AV mounts and structures.

These two new solutions are expected to be foundational products of both lines in the coming years. They will be introduced at two online trade shows, InfoComm and Projection Expo.

The Acumen™
Projection technology has improved drastically so it can be successful in more conditions than ever before. Along with that has come a need in the market for a surface mounted screen that looks great even when it’s not in use.

That’s why we designed the new Acumen™ (patent pending) for a combination of maximum versatility and elegance.

All Draper free-hanging and tab-tensioned viewing surfaces including TecVision® are available with the Acumen, so you can enhance contrast, brighten the image, or reject ambient light depending on room and lighting conditions. The Acumen comes to market as a complete series to meet all projection needs.

The elegant extruded aluminum housing has fewer visible fasteners and features a stunning white powder coated finish to complement any room design.

The Acumen XL takes the series into sizes through 18’ wide. Acumen and Acumen XL are offered with a variety of motor options.

The Acumen Recharge, with rechargeable battery motor, goes up to 500 cycles between charges, eliminating the need for wiring and allowing for less expensive motorization. It’s as easy to install as a manual screen and is offered in sizes through 10’ wide.

And, for those on a tight budget, the Acumen M is also available as a manual screen.

Floating mounting brackets allow quick and easy installation for any Acumen, no matter where the wall studs or ceiling supports are. The fascia is easily removable if maintenance is required.

The Acumen comes with an extended 7-year warranty and will begin shipping in September 2020.

The Foundation
Video wall installation can easily be derailed. Walls that aren’t flat, floors that are uneven, and tight installation deadlines are just a few of the headaches installers face. That’s why Draper® designed the all-new Foundation™ Mount System with installers in mind.

Wavy walls? The Foundation’s fine Z-axis wall adjustment quickly and precisely makes the system plumb.

Funky floors? The Foundation’s plumb alignment pin helps get the system plumb quickly and precisely even when dealing with non-flat surfaces. Vertical rail adjusters let you quickly align and level the bottom row of cabinets.

Installation timeline tight? With the Foundation speed and precision are built in. Key-hole attachment on the wall brackets let a single installer mount an entire horizontal rail at once, and hanger clips let one installer easily mount the vertical rails. Notches on the sides of each upright let you place your laser level right on the mount for precise leveling. And the Foundation’s trim attaches quickly and easily using powerful rare earth magnets.

The Foundation also helps keep LED modules safe during installation. LED panel mounting slots minimize the amount of contact between the modules and a spring-loaded mounting stud pushes them into final z-axis position.

The goal in developing the Foundation was to make it as installer-friendly as possible, so Draper set out to design a product through their eyes. The system as developed, which requires no onsite modification by the installer, will be a real timesaver making the installer’s job much easier.

The Foundation Mount System for Barco XT and Foundation Mount System for Unilumin UPanelS are available now. The Foundation will soon be available with many more display brands.

You don’t have to worry about your next big project when building on the Draper Foundation.

The Acumen will be featured at Projection Expo 2020, live online June 15-July 15. Click here for more information and to sign up for free.

Both the Acumen and the Foundation will be part of our InfoComm 2020 Connected virtual booth. InfoComm takes place June 16-18. Click here to learn more and register for free.

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