Recognizing needs and developing solutions to fill them is a big part of the value Draper brings to the audiovisual market. The latest episode of the Engineering Value podcast focuses on two of the most recent examples.

In episode 5 of Engineering Value host Tyler Kern looks at the Acumen™ series projection screen and the Foundation Mount System, both launched this summer.

Acumen-the smart choice.

Projection technology has improved drastically so it can be successful in more spaces than ever before. Along with that has come a need in the market for a surface-mounted screen that looks great even when it’s not in use. The Acumen was designed with maximum versatility in mind.

 “Draper noticed there was a pretty big gap in the market as far as aesthetically pleasing [solutions as far as] large screens were concerned,” said podcast guest Monica Altman, Draper sales consultant for national accounts. “These screens are available in very large sizes. Most of the screens that are currently on the market get to be a little more industrial-looking the larger you get, so we’re trying to find something that can blend in well with fancier or modern-style rooms and environments.”

That also goes for homes or offices, where those streaming shows in quarantine may be looking for a more impressive solution that doesn’t make their home look like a warehouse.

Foundation-the bedrock of your LED video wall installation.

Another market observation involved LED video walls. Video wall installation can easily be derailed. Walls that aren’t flat, floors that are uneven, and tight installation deadlines are just a few of the headaches that installers face. So Draper designed the all-new Foundation™ Mount System from the installer’s point of view.

“We had to put in certain elements into the design that allow for one person to be able to install components on a wall that might be heavy or might be long,” said Grant Wylie, director of product management for AV structures and solutions at Draper. “In a way, it’s too hard to hold that piece up in the air and try to drive a screw through it into the wall and hold it into place.”

Draper utilized keyholes for the mounting holes, letting the installer hang components on existing screws. It’s another solution that classes up the AV system’s look and makes life easier for the person putting it into place. To learn more about these newest solutions from Draper, click here to listen to Engineering Value.

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