Since the release of the heavy-duty Clutch-Operated FlexShade® NEXD, Draper® has been pleased by the positive response.

Even with that positive response, our engineers never stop looking for ways to improve our products. In two new videos, solar control product manager Jeff Miller outlines improvements that will make FlexShade NEXD even easier to install.

FlexShade NEXD product features.
In this video Jeff discusses two new hardware revisions and improvements that will make your installation go just a little bit easier.

The first change is in the gudgeon endcaps. There are now four points of entry for the gudgeon into the endcap, facilitating easier placement of the pin. This endcap also allows for height adjustment of plus or minus 1/8”, in case the endcap wasn’t installed quite level.

Another change involves the metal roller. Previously, the NEXD roller had two grooves used to line up and attach the roller to the idler endcap. Now a single groove matches up with a groove on the clutch.

In addition to making it easier to mount the idler end of the roller assembly, this change will also decrease or eliminate any noise that may result from operation of the product.

Click here to watch the full video.

FlexShade NEXD product safety kit feature review.
While working with a customer to overcome issues on an out-of-tolerance installation, we identified two additional improvements that make the NEXD even safer and easier to install. These improvements will not impact the functionality of the NEXD. It will still operate as intended and provide long-lasting performance for your customers.

In the short term, we are providing kits to install onto each NEXD shade that is wall, ceiling, or jamb mounted. These kits are designed to:

  • Ensure greater installation tolerance and safety by providing greater surface area to attach fascia to NEXD brackets.
  • Reduce the already minimal chance of the NEXD idler slipping out of position

We are in the process of designing long-term solutions integral to both the clutch and idler that remedy these issues. Meanwhile, click here to learn about the short-term solutions.

If you have any other questions reach out to your Draper Inside Sales Consultant or your Regional Manager at (800) 239-7999.

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