Where do you go to find out how to do something? More and more, the answer to that question is YouTube. There is a demand for online video tutorials for more than just basic tips and fixes. Window shade installation professionals are also looking for video content to help them.

That’s why we’ve created a new how-to video series covering the installation of Draper® FlexShade® ZIP exterior motorized roller shades!

The series contains six videos covering the full installation process:

Site Preparation
The first video in the series covers how to prepare the site for installation. Topics covered include verification of measurements and making sure the mounting surface is strong enough to hold the FlexShade ZIP. After following the instructions in this video, you will be ready to begin installation. Check it out here.

There are video instructions outlining two FlexShade ZIP mounting methods. One tutorial explains how to mount the ZIP headbox to the wall or ceiling using cassette brackets. The second video covers mounting the headbox permanently and directly to the wall.

Installing Side Channels
This video
covers methods for installing side channels. Before beginning this video be sure to first follow the other video instructions on preparing your site for installation and mounting the FlexShade Zip Motorized Shade headbox. This tutorial does not apply for installations using the ZIP 127 angled headbox.

Limits and Programming
Once the unit is installed, it’s time set up its operation. First, follow the steps in the new limit settings video, which will explain how to program your remote and set up and down limits. A separate advanced programming tutorial covers additional programming, including intermediate stops, obstruction detection sensitivity, adding or deleting channels, and more.

We recommend watching an entire video carefully before beginning that part of the installation process. You can also download a more detailed PDF version of instructions from the FlexShade ZIP web page. The FlexShade ZIP is in high demand this year for restaurants and homes, where they are being used to enclose areas and create outdoor living or dining spaces. These new videos will help make it easier for you to have a faster, smoother, and error-free install, so your clients can start enjoying their new outdoor areas as soon as possible.

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