Projection technology has improved drastically so it can be successful in more conditions than ever before. We designed the entire Acumen™ series of screens to provide a combination of maximum versatility and elegance. And perhaps the Acumen model that best fits that description is the battery-powered Acumen Recharge.

Saving you time-and them money.
Maximizing your installers’ time onsite has always been important and now, with fewer people being allowed in for less time in many settings, time management is even more critical. The Acumen Recharge installs like a manual screen. Simply attach the mounting brackets and install the screen case. There’s no wiring to worry about. Limit setting is done from the wireless remote. Your technicians may even be gone before anyone knows they were there.

A less intrusive visual aesthetic.
Today’s designer is looking for a screen that doesn’t detract from the room space around it. The Acumen’s sleek screen case looks great even when it’s not in use. If you do notice it, the elegant curved fascia fits in with any design aesthetic.

It also offers another visual advantage—no messy wires visible from the cable exits!

Powerful Choices.
There’s no electrician required with the Acumen Recharge. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery located inside the roller. It only needs to be recharged about every 500 cycles, but you don’t have to wait. You can leave the Recharge plugged in all the time—an automatic shutoff guarantees there will be no battery damage.

Acumen Recharge can optionally connect with PoE by using a Raspberry Pi and running cat 5 wire to the screen. That way, the motor permanently stays charged.

Control it your way.
Your customers have their own ideas about how things should work, but at the end of the day they just want something easy to use and understand. The Acumen Recharge can be simply controlled by wireless wall switch or handheld remote. An optional dry contact interface allows connection to systems like Crestron and AMX. Add our optional hub and you can control it with Google, Alexa, and many other control systems. With the wireless hub you can also control the Recharge screen via a smartphone app. You can even use the app to check the battery’s charge level.

A positive projection experience anywhere.
Projection screens need to be ready for action in many different environments. Ambient light is not always going to be controlled; larger rooms mean wider viewing angles and more distance to the farthest viewer; the projector may need a boost.

The Acumen Recharge can tackle these and other issues because every Draper viewing surface is available for the series. The Acumen Recharge V is available with our award-winning, 8K-ready TecVision® surfaces, along with OptiFlex, CineFlex rear projection, and ClearSound AT surfaces. Acumen Recharge E is available with the OptiView and ClearSound families of surfaces.

To learn more about the Acumen Recharge, including how to buy, click here for the Acumen V and here for the Acumen E.

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