More video is consumed online than any other form of content. Draper® is working hard to create the valuable video content you need, and we’ve recently added several new videos to our YouTube channel.

Feature Review: UL-Listed M12 Connector Cables
In this video, assistant shade sales manager, Chad Tabor, highlights updates to the Draper line of M12 Connector Cables.

These cables now meet UL 325 and are ETL 325 Listed for preventing fire and electrical hazards. This means these cords will now carry the UL label, so UL inspectors can easily verify their UL rating without having to remove the motor from the headbox or pocket.

M12 connectors provide a secure, moisture resistant connection, and are provided on the Motorized FlexShade® with standard, quiet, RS485, and RTS motors. The connector is small, easy to conceal, and passes through standard cable exit openings.

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Acumen™ Series Projection Screens
Before designing this new line of surface-mounted, roll-up screens, Draper® listened to the market and saw three key demands:

  • Flexibility in screen materials to accommodate different lighting conditions;
  • Motorized options that don’t require nearby power; and
  • Larger sizes.

Acumen™ succeeds on all three counts, accommodating all free-hanging and tab-tensioned materials (including our TecVision® line of traditional and ALR surfaces) and providing motorized options that include a battery-rechargeable version. The Acumen is available in screen sizes up to 18 feet wide. The simple but elegant, durable extruded aluminum casing was also designed with ease of installation and access for maintenance in mind.

Draper® is so confident in the quality of the Acumen™ that we are standing behind it with an extended 7-year warranty (USA and Canada only).

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Limit-Setting for Gym Equipment
One of the most frequent questions we get from the field is about setting limit switches. Two new videos have been created to help gym equipment installers with this important step.

The first video details how to set limits on a Mid-Roll Gym Divider. Limit switches must be set in the field at the time of installation to ensure curtains stop in the right positions.

For the limits to be adjusted, Leif Olson, part of the Draper gym equipment technical support team, explains the procedure. He describes how to disable and enable limit switches, tools to set limits without building power, correct connections, and how to set for single motor units versus dual synchronized motor units.

You can watch the video here.

Leif returns to demonstrate adjusting limit switches in a LynRus style winch. This winch is used on several different products—basketball backstops, overhead volleyball, and gym divider curtains.

One key caution pointed out in both videos is to never set limit switches or operate any other electrical controls with the winch connected to building power. Be sure the device is not energized via the key switch or other control prior to adjusting. In addition, Olson points out that installers and equipment operators should always use extreme caution when operating any nearby devices to avoid getting caught in cable and/or belts that may be moving or wrapping when the device is in operation.

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Engineering Value Podcast
New episodes are added monthly to our podcast series, Engineering Value. In this series we tackle topics ranging from the hidden savings of engineering value into solutions, to selecting shade fabrics based on performance factors.

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