Seeing our solutions being used in big, interesting projects is always great. But it’s even better when we are a part of projects that are nominated for architectural awards.

Three projects that include Draper solutions have been nominated in the Best Applied Products category of the 2021 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards.

ArchDaily claims the title of world’s most visited architecture website. The 2021 awards competition started with over 4,500 projects, which will be narrowed to 15—one in each category on ArchDaily.

Boise State University Center for the Visual Arts / HGA + Lombard Conrad
The Center for the Visual Arts at Boise State University is a cultural link and gateway between the campus and the community. The program includes 2D and 3D disciplines, critique spaces, public exhibit galleries, faculty and administrative offices. It includes a tall art studio wing with limestone cladding plus a large expanse of glazing on the north side. There is also a two-story exhibition gallery wing connected by a light-filled transparent lobby.

Any time you are bringing large amounts of natural light into a building, glare and heat gain mitigation should be considered. For this project, Dual Roller FlexShade® window shades are used to provide both light filtering and room darkening, depending on real time needs and conditions.

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Core Bank Corporate Headquarters / Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture
This Omaha, Nebraska project used what the architects referred to as an honest material palette and simplified form to represent strength and integrity. The new headquarters building was part of an overall rebranding effort.

Building location and orientation were chosen for optimal use of natural light throughout the structure. The all-glass base certainly provides plenty of that, especially in the double-height lobby.

The architects’ description of the project says, “Materials were selected for their permanence and stability, a physical manifestation of the bank’s stable and solid reputation in the community.”

In addition to providing both light filtering and room darkening options when needed, the Dual Roller FlexShade® window shades specified will be a stable, solid solution for many years.

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Makers Quarter Block D Office Building / BNIM
This six-story structure needed to fit the collective ethos embodied by Makers Quarter, a five-block development in downtown San Diego which aims to provide a creative environment for entrepreneurs and artists. BNIM also wanted the building to receive a LEED Platinum rating and achieve net-zero energy performance. Health and wellness of the building’s occupants were additional considerations.

The building includes two active shading systems that facilitate natural daylighting while providing flexibility for building tenants to control their own workspaces. One of these systems is an exterior venetian blind system from Draper. The blinds are installed on the south and west elevations and incorporate perforated flexible 80 mm (3-1/8”) slats.

For maximum reduction of solar heat gain, the blinds are linked to an automated sun tracking system so that they are automatically deployed, tilted to prevent direct sun penetration while allowing as much natural daylight into the building as possible.

The Draper exterior venetian blind system allows the building to outperform the baseline energy goal by 66%. In addition, estimated energy generation by a photovoltaic panel (PV) system provides energy cost savings of more than 48%.

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Nominations will be accepted through February 10th. Winners will be announced on February 18th, 2021. You can help by clicking the “Building of the Year 2021 Nominee” banners located near the top of each project page and re-nominating it yourself.

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