Things change—sometimes pretty fast—in the AV industry. Technology. People. Priorities. Content consumption. That’s why it is important to work with partners who have the capabilities to expand and adapt with you.

One way we’ve adapted is to become more than a projection screen provider. Whatever kind of large images you are working with, Draper has a solution to help you do it better and on budget. With our team of dedicated engineers, project managers, and production staff, there is much more to Draper than you may have thought.

We start with the basics.
Flat panel displays are everywhere. Simple use of one or a small number of displays can be found in digital signage, wayfinding, healthcare, entertainment, retail, residential, and countless other applications.

Our line of LCD video wall mounts includes several basic solutions for mounting single displays or building video wall arrays in unique configurations. Fine X/Y/Z axis adjustments provide precise display alignment in all four corners without the need for tools. This group of solutions also includes Extendable Video Wall mounts, Portrait Video Wall Mounts, and the Video Wall Mounts.

We make it easy for Installers.
We strive to make our video wall mounting solutions as simple as possible to install. One great example is the Foundation® Mount System for LED displays.

In designing Foundation our designers and engineers consider all the angles through the eyes of installers. Precise manufacturing, full adjustment at the wall and the display, and designs developed specifically for different LED brands make Foundation unique in the industry and a breeze to install.

Another example of our attention to detail from an installer’s point of view is the Draper® Mount Interface for Barco UniSee® and the Draper® SmartTrim™ for Barco UniSee®. The mount interface installs easily to the mounting surface and the UniSee wall crosses attach right to the structure. The trim also uses the same wall crosses for attachment.

We use strategic partnerships for your benefit.
Our designers team works side-by-side with major display manufacturers to develop products that not only work with their specific display models, but also work for the manufacturers as well. We also work with international partners—including our own Sweden-based Smart Media Solutions—to provide you with solutions not otherwise available.

We can tailor a unique solution specific to your project.
Even if your situation is completely new, we are up to the task. Our custom design team will work with architects, consultants, dealers, and engineering teams to create a solid and innovative structure ideal for the project conditions. Allowing video walls to move in and out, interface in a unique way, or be located in a completely new setting are just some of the tasks we have taken on. What do you need? Whether starting from a napkin drawing or a full plan, we’re ready to go!

Big images aren’t just about LED.
Lest we forget, two-piece projection remains a viable option, especially in very large sizes. We created our award-winning TecVision line of projection screens to bring high quality projection into more spaces than ever. Ambient light, an underpowered projector, image blending, 3D projection, wide viewing angles—whatever the conditions, we have the viewing surface and screen model to tackle them.

We’re with you for the entire journey.
We have all had projects derailed because of production delays, communication issues, or other failures. When you work with us, there’s no need to worry. Our project management team will be there from the very beginning, through design, manufacturing, and construction and all the way through the commissioning. We work as hard as possible to make sure obstacles to keeping your customer happy are removed, and that your project ends on time and on budget.

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