The secret to a successful gymnasium construction project is proper and early planning. While this has always been true, it is especially so now with larger, multi-function facilities being built. One particular area where early gym planning has become more crucial is in the design of gym equipment control systems.

Draper director of gym equipment sales Neal Turner will discuss the ins and outs of early planning and control design at 2 P.M. Thursday, June 3, as we livestream a live episode of our podcast, Engineering Value, on the Draper YouTube page.

Mostly gone are the days of requiring a single key switch for each piece of motorized equipment. Today’s multi-functional gyms require multiple changes in setup throughout the day. Designing a control system that can allow of several pieces of equipment at the press of a single button saves setup time and increases a facility’s ROI.

During the livestream, Neal will share his behind-the-scenes knowledge of how to design gym equipment to work in tandem, even in small spaces. He will also show how Draper can save money on the electrical portion of the project—perhaps enough to pay for the more advanced control system.

To watch “Engineering Value: Gym Planning and Controls” live with Neal Turner and host Tyler Kern, click here to go to the Draper YouTube page. The livestream starts Thursday, June 3 at 2 P.M. Eastern time. Audio and video versions of the podcast will also be made available after the live event.

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