The concept of window shade automation can feel intimidating and complex. But Draper® simplifies automated glare control for architects, facility managers, and occupants with a basic but powerful new tool that is part of the IntelliFlex® I/O control system.

The SSI+ with Automated Glare Control allows up to eight separate glare control zones so multiple strategies can be implemented to match project requirements.

This solution is tailor-made for areas such as atriums, reception and waiting areas, wellness centers, and school gathering areas where automation offers a way to maximize the benefits of a shading system. It also can be used to impact facility performance by automating shades on an entire floor of an office or mixed-use building.

The SSI+ accomplishes this by using a model of the building’s orientation and geographic location to calculate where shades should be for maximum performance and adjusts them accordingly. In addition, you can integrate up to four sensors—by third-party or Draper—and schedule up to eight override events to run on any combination of days of the week. On-board buttons and an LCD display simplify configuration; no computer is required.

Keeping direct sunlight off of building occupants is one important key to maintaining thermal comfort and glare control while still making the most of daylighting and allowing natural light into the building. The SSI+, with its automated glare control, can dictate how much sunlight is permitted to enter a room and ensure the space is comfortable while maximizing natural light.

Automated shading systems are also part of the effort to meet ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55: Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy. This standard establishes the ranges of indoor environmental conditions to achieve acceptable thermal comfort for occupants of buildings.

Although the market perception is that shade automation is expensive, the reality of the SSI+ is drastically different—a design professional can effectively automate by floor, by elevation, or per tenant for a very small premium. At one time, the cost for automation could be as much as four times the cost of the shades themselves; with the SSI+ automation is a fraction of the total shading system cost.

To learn more about the SSI+ and its seismic shift in technology, simplification, and cost reduction click here to go to our web page dedicated to IntelliFlex I/O.

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