Since Draper® introduced the Foundation® Mount System for LED, we’ve often focused on the fact that it was designed specifically with installers in mind. Speed and precision are built-in by design, so regardless of the LED display size or brand, all assembly and installation steps can be easily managed by the installation technicians.

In this blog series entitled “Did You Know?” we are sharing specific examples of how our team did exactly that. In this first installment, we will look at the component that is at the very start of the Foundation installation process, the horizontal rail.

When compared with other wall mounts, the Foundation provides a more rigid and easier-to-install solution, and the horizontal rail is at the heart of that strength. The Foundation horizonal support rail is designed to be very stiff to prevent longitudinal flexing or bending.

What does that mean? The horizontal rails are custom-designed extruded aluminum and manufactured with a very high precision to be perfectly straight. The custom-designed profile of the aluminum extrusion guarantees it will remain straight throughout the installation process, and the lifetime usage of the mount as well. This rigidity helps simplify the installation process and ensure longevity of the LED display’s alignment.

Competitive products utilize either a much smaller aluminum extrusion or stamped sheet metal. Both of these approaches are more prone to flexing, especially on larger display arrays. Dealing with this flex increases the difficulty of installation and adds time to the process. 

In addition, precision Z-axis alignment of the horizonal rails is built into the wall mounting bracket. This is another key to simplifying the installation process and provides the highest z-axis precision possible.

To learn more about the Foundation installation process, and how much easier it really is, click here to watch a series of videos.

The Foundation is available for any nearly any direct view LED panel. For details, click here to contact your Draper representative.

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