There’s more to installing an LED video wall than showing up onsite with tools and no real plan. Planning, designing, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning video walls is a process that requires attention to detail, communication, and high levels of support.

Did you know that the Draper AV mounts & structures team includes skilled project managers that ensure every detail of each project is identified and managed properly? In this edition of the “Did You Know?” blog series, we’re taking a deep dive into our approach to project management.

The first thing the Draper project management team does is help specify the requirements of a project to make sure it is cost effective, provides good value to the dealer and end user, and that it is, in fact, manufacturable. Project managers help determine the best LED or LCD array size and layout and communicate with LED manufacturing partners to determine exactly what has been specified for the project. They use this information and details about the installation location, timeline, and specific deliverables to create a statement of work (SOW) and quote for the dealer. The project manager is essentially an expert on the project, conducting follow-up conversations, setting expectations with the customer, and ultimately processing the order once received.

But this is only the start of the process!

The project manager coordinates all aspects of the project internally and manages expectations for project timeline with engineering, manufacturing, first article testing (FAT), and installation. S/he is responsible for ensuring all checkpoints and gate reviews are met throughout the project timeline. Constant contact between the dealer, LED partner, engineering, and manufacturing ensures everyone fully understands all aspects of the project and what is needed of them.

Next the project manager coordinates the final stage production for a pre-build of the structure and helps determine best method for assembly. This requires a full understanding of the form, fit, function, final location, and usage of each structure. Once the structure has been fully tested and approved, the project manager arranges shipping and site delivery, taking into account special size limitations, site obstacles, or delivery requirements.

During the final manufacturing stage, the project manager works with our installation team to ensure they are prepared. Pre-install meetings with the install team, general contractor, integrator, and any other important individuals are used to address any issues that arise and to coordinate timing, tool requirements, lifts, scaffolding, and site condition requirements like PPE and onsite training.

Once installation is underway, the project manager remains in constant contact with install team during the entire process, providing a go-between for the team on site and our internal design and manufacturing team in the event challenges arise. Once installation is successfully completed, the project manager obtains customer approval and sign off for the project.

The final step is to conduct a postmortem with an internal and external review to determine what went wrong and what went right to allow for improvement on future projects.

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