Since Draper® introduced the Foundation® Mount System for LED, we’ve often focused on the fact that it was designed specifically with installers in mind. Speed and precision are built-in by design, so regardless of the LED display size or brand, all assembly and installation steps can be easily managed by the installation technicians.

In this blog series entitled “Did You Know?” we are sharing specific examples of how our team did exactly that. In this fifth installment, we will look at how we make sure your Foundation structure is easily delivered to the installation site.

Every installer has a nightmare story about trying to maneuver large av equipment into a building through small doors, onto cramped elevators, and around tight corners. That’s why we designed Foundation for easy ingress into nearly any jobsite or working environment.

Whatever the size of the array is, all component parts are designed to fit through doorways, around corners in hallways, and even onto elevators. The longest parts in the system are the horizontal rails, however these were also specifically designed to be easily transported, configured, and assembled while maintaining a high level of precision.

Here’s how we do it.

The typical 4×4 array size (the smallest array size we offer), and any array increment of 4 wide (i.e. 8×8, 16×8, etc.) uses the longest horizontal rails in the Foundation family. This is so the 4×4 array requires only a single length of aluminum extrusion. The length of this horizontal rail is 93” (7’9”), which is short enough to fit into nearly any space, even an elevator. This length was also incorporated into the 8 wide array to standardize this length for 4 panel increments.

As the array size grows above 4×4 in various configurations, we combine multiple lengths of the aluminum extrusion together. Our testing showed using a 90” aluminum extrusion, combined with a shorter but incrementally longer piece, was the way to go. This allows for the highest level of efficiency in the manufacturing process, minimum amount of aluminum usage, and easy transportation. And it gets the installers in and out of the building that much more quickly!

To learn more about the Foundation installation process, and how much easier it really is, click here to watch a series of videos.

The Foundation is available for any nearly any direct view LED panel. For details, click here to contact your Draper representative.

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