Continuous improvement is just that: an ongoing process to make all aspects of your business better. Better for you, and for your customers.

We take that concept seriously. In fact, that core belief is behind some changes to the Clutch-Operated FlexShade® NEXD roller shade. Fundamentally the product’s function has not changed. However, we have taken some steps to make the installation experience even better.

NEXD large (top) and small (bottom) endcaps.

Clutch end improvements.
Our engineers reduced the size of the drive wheel for a better fit with the metal roller. Meanwhile, the NEXD roller uses a single groove to line up and attach the roller to the idler endcap. This also helps with tube fit and installation.

In addition to making it easier to mount the idler end of the roller assembly, these changes may also help decrease noise during operation.

Idler end improvements.
On the idler end of the NEXD we have added a safety mechanism to make it impossible to operate units that are installed incorrectly. The gudgeon pin is now held in place in the idler by a spring-loaded safety retention system. If the brackets are installed too far apart, which creates a safety issue, the idler end won’t engage with the safety device.

We’ve retained the ability to adjust this end of the shade roller 1/8” up or down for a perfectly level installation. The adjuster is set in place and cannot be removed from the shade.

Easier fascia attachment.
We’ve made it easier to securely attach the fascia to the endcaps by providing an extended surface area for proper seating. This reduces the already small chance that the fascia could slip out of position and doesn’t require additional safety brackets.

To learn more about the NEXD, including fabric and hardware options, click here to go to our website.

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